Paraphilia Case Studies

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In this case Scott, who apparently is presenting a case of paraphilia. And according to the dictionaries define it as synonymous with sexual perversion diverted, “any abnormal sexual behavior; sexual anomaly or deviation, a type of mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practices, as pedophilia, sadomasochism, or exhibitionism” (de Silva, 2004). paraphilia are disorders of sexual behavior in the compulsive element which strongly limits the sexual repertoire of a person so that the excitement and satisfaction become dependent on what some people consider abnormal forms or deviant fantasy or interaction. The vast majority are treated exclusively male disorders. Yakeley & Wood, 2014 “Treatment options …show more content…
It can be seen with bisexuality, using artifacts, changing partners and all this can have consequences for your sexual life. (King & Richardson, 2015). They may also have an addictive nature, once pierced the barrier remains an unsatisfied consequent pleasure.
Couple sex therapy is used when there are sexual dysfunctions that are not associated with other psychopathological disorders. It is part of the consideration that both spouses are involved in the sexual problems experienced, so must participate together in the therapeutic program.
On numerous occasions, a sexual problem is a reflection of other disagreements or imbalances in the couple. Sexual problems often involve a lack of communication, lack information or misconceptions about it. The therapist should treat the marital relationship as a whole, always using an educational approach, suggesting specific sexual activities so that they can be implemented by the couple in privacy. At all times the fluid communication between the couple and the expression of mutual needs power. Gradually, the couple gains confidence and learns to communicate verbally and

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