Importance Of Clinical Sexual History Interview

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The clinical sexual history interview was particularly challenging because I chose to interview my husband of 17 years. Perhaps my own discomfort highlighted some of the cringe worthy moments during the 60 minute interview, including asking about the first time he had intercourse. The anxiety made me question if I truly wanted to know the answer to the sample intake questions. After all, I can still hear my grandmother’s voice a few minutes before my wedding telling me, “lo que no fue en tu ano no es tu dano/ what was not in your time is not your harm,” meaning I must not to worry or ponder about my husband’s previous relationships or sex partners. Before my husband and I were married, we were both tested for STD’s because we wanted to engage in unprotected sex. The results were negative so we mutually agreed that we would not go into details regarding our sexual history. Now, I decided to interview my husband because of the accessibility of having my interviewee under my same roof. I was also hopeful about the opportunity to open communication regarding topics that we had been avoiding including sex. The questions in the sample intake helped start the sex conversation that I have avoided for 17 years. As I sat in my dinning room, …show more content…
Perhaps, it is helpful to address the fact that my husband is also a therapist. He is in last semester of his masters of social work program, therefore he is used to discomfort and open-ended questions. Yet he is not used to his wife asking these questions or role-playing in our home, so I must admit that it was nearly impossible for me to take a nonjudgmental stance when asking the sexual questions simply I felt that I wanted to know more. For instance, who were the girls he engaged in foreplay/petting with? Clearly, I’ll never know because he responded with yes and no and total

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