Parachuting-Personal Narrative

Reflective Essay

This past summer -- 2016 – was beautiful, amazing, fantastic, and I completely loved every second of it. I say this because I did a lot of things in this long vacation like, buy shoes and wallets. Speaking of shoes, I wore yellow Adidas originals when I rode the airplane to do a parachuting activity. Meaning I jumped off a plane, which was really scary. We didn’t even plan to go parachuting, it just happened so suddenly. I hadn’t wanted to go, but I am glad that I did it because to be honest, it was fun. Here’s a sample of what happened and what it taught me:
“Mom! I don’t want to go!” I said, shaking and my voice cracking. My goggles were threatening to blow off my head. That didn’t help calm me down, not one bit. “You will
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I was so nervous and apparently my fingers a mind of their own. They were twitching on their own. I thought I was possessed. Then the back of the plane opened as we were asked to stand up and go to our partners. I’ve been to hell and back at this point. I couldn’t wait to be done with it, so that the feeling would stop. I couldn’t back down now. My goggles were still unstable, I don’t know if it was from the wind or my shaking body. I was even too nervous to see the professionals jump. It was so scary and terrifying. My aunt passed out because she was so nervous, this did nothing to ease my nerves or jump, instead it made me more …show more content…
The whole thing was about twenty-twenty five minutes and it was kind of exciting. The best thing about it was that while I did it, I took pictures. All of the pictures looked good, plus my fashion was on point. Everything about my style was good that day. So after I took those amazing pictures, my partner and I hit the ground. At first I was thankful to be back on the ground, then I was gutted it was over.
After this amazing experience, I realized that life is short and I always have to face my fear. Facing my fear made me feel happy and I was proud of doing it. I was proud because I was brave enough to do

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