Personal Narrative: Barbie Toys

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All I saw were the toys, bright colors, and smiles. It was a wonderful place filled with everything I ever wanted, Barbie dolls, toy trucks, Legos and so on. As I continued to walk through, I was so excited that I was playing over in my head what toys I would play with first. The Barbie dolls first, then the playhouse, and build a house with Legos. And there were so many other kids to play along with too. With the amount of toys and having news friends all around me, I felt like I was in a wonder world. It was a magical adventure for a six year old to start a career.
I was six years old when I went in for my first photoshoot for Fisher-Price. According to the department of Human Resources, Fisher-Price is was established in 1930 when Herman
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I felt so beautiful and was so excited, but they brought me into a room with concrete floors, cameras, and lighting that was carefully assessed. My feelings of excitement quickly changed to scared. I knew I wasn’t in danger, but I realized how important this opportunity was for me. I thought of my mom, and how important it was for me to be great. With thoughts running through my head as such, I was then directed to play with a doll. Frankly, she was the ugliest doll and I would have never asked for a doll like this in any store. The doll was ugly, however the best attraction about her was her dress. I was able to take the sharpies that were given and her dress was my own personal coloring book. I colored in the lines of the white and black floral dress and continued to smile along. But I continued to carry on and did what I was told. I was continually given directions to keep my eyes down at the doll, smile and laugh, and color. I smiled and acted as if I was having a great time, but I would have rather have been out in the waiting room with my new friends I had met and all the fun toys. The shoot lasted for about **** hours and then I was directed back to my mother. I enjoyed getting my pictures done, but I was relieved to see my mother

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