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  • Descriptive Essay: The Dome Of The Rock

    The Dome of the Rock has a substantial egg molded vault that is principally made of a gold shaded material. The building is octagonal and has exceptionally detailed outlines around the whole outside. The building appears to have an attention on symmetry and repetition. The shading plans and outlines are rehashed around the entire building. The outlines and shapes are fundamentally blue, green, and yellow. The dome has tiles lining it the distance to the point on the top where a little pole sticks out a few more feet. The outlines on the building look like recolored glass windows at a church. The Hagia Sophia has a rounded dome as opposed to an egg molded one. There are four towers with gray colored points on every one. The building has a great…

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  • Asheville Architecture Analysis

    A lot of architecture in this modern era reflects that of the past. Ancient Rome specifically had a large influence on the structure of buildings that still stand today. Asheville in particular is a very architecturally interesting city because it hasn 't been completely modernized with tall, straight buildings and has many older buildings still standing even in the center of town. There are many buildings and churches in this little town that reflect past building techniques and styles. One…

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  • Pazzi Chapel At Santa Croce: Architectural Analysis

    Brunelleschi’s Pazzi Chapel at Santa Croce, begun in 1441 in Florence furthers the application of geometric ideals in a chapter house for clergymen. Although not exactly centrally planned due to the additional breadth from flanking barrel vaults, the ordered designs of the primary space and central dome demonstrate Brunelleschi’s ordered design. The chapel’s dome “rests above the center of a rectangular structure,” similar to Hagia Sophia. Its dome is unique from the Old Sacristy in its…

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  • Baroque Style In Early Europe

    Baroque is a tradition representative of Europe art culture style. This word comes from Portuguese ”BARROCO”, which means pearls that not perfect sphere and in the early time it refers to grotesque shape. In addition, “Baroque” means peculiar, strange, and distortive in Italian. Moreover, “Baroque” in French means messy. In the early Europe, it used to describe the work that "lack of classical balance ", which was originally named that advocate of classical art in seventeenth Century is…

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  • What Are The Six Categories Of Tornadoes?

    Monolithic dome is the safest and friendliest building to the environment because it is energy efficient and also because it is easily maintained. The dome owner will save an energy such as 50% charges compared to conventional building. The efficient of materials used in the construction of the building has mot negative impact on the environment because these domes need small place use the less materials which is generally 50% to 75% lees material compared to a square conventional building.…

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  • Dome Of The Rock

    Jerusalem is mainly associated with Jewish customs and being known as the birthplace of Judaism, but the city is also enriched with other religions like Christianity and Islam and influenced by the cultures of Christians and Muslims. One religious site that is entwined with all three of these religions is the Dome of the Rock located on the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock which was finished under Caliph ‘Abd al-Malik around 692 was not a mosque but a shrine. This structure is significant not…

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  • Ice Dome City

    world is covered in water. There is no longer land available to live on. Phil Pauley designed a self-sustaining dome for people and animals to live beneath the surface of the ocean in a glass and steel dome. “Phil Pauley says that he has dreamed about building an underwater city for the past 20 years, and has now released images of what the futuristic development might look like.”…

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  • Dome Of The Rock Essay

    history behind the construction of the Dome of the Rock at its location is not surprising; not only is it located in a city that is significant to Muslims and Jews alike, but it is also built on top of one of the most sacred sites in both Islam and Judaism. The Dome of the Rock is situated in the heart of the old city on the historical site of both Solomon’s Temple and the second Temple--a location labeled by the Jews as Temple Mount (Grabar 38). In early Islamic Jerusalem, the small Jewish…

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  • Analysis Of Brunelleschi's Dome

    In the book Brunelleschi’s Dome, Ross King refers to Filipo Brunelleschi as a renaissance genius. It’s actually a part of the full title to the book. Many things led King to this conclusion. No precedence was set for what Brunelleschi did. His designs and methods were so incredibly innovative that he reinvented how architecture was done during the Renaissance. Before Brunelleschi there was a profound lack of technical knowledge amongst the architecture community. Much of the building knowledge…

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  • What Makes Ansel Adams Have Photos Unique

    even it was taken with limited light due to setting the sun. Adams visualization together with his different techniques in photography creates realistic photos. Every photo requires right execution to be noticeable. Ansel Adam is very critical when it comes to his photos. For him, even the location where you need to stand will contribute to the quality of the photograph. Choosing the right equipment and being able to apply it on the photo will create a remarkable impact to the viewer. One…

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