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  • Essay On Corruption In The 1920s

    Despite the 1920s being known as one of the greatest eras of all time due to its luxurious lifestyles and inordinate parties that seemed to start when the sun disappeared and didn't end until the sun once more appeared again, nevertheless, the 1920s was also a time where corruption in government, gang violence and crimes against U.S. law an insurmountable rise that had its disastrous consequences. At the time, President Warren G. Harding was a president that was adored by many, but shortly after…

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  • Veertical Garden-Bio Dome Club Case Study

    the knowledge of producing healthy grown food. To rid this problem from all of the U.S. would be a daunting task, nevertheless could be made possible if started locally. One way to help bring about change would be to establish a Vertical Garden-Bio Dome Club at Northwest Florida State College. The formation of a VG-BD Club could begin to boast access to healthy foods, aid in improvement to the local area’s dependence on outside assistance for key resources, and help maintain life sustainment…

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  • The Teapot Dome Scandal During President Warren Harding

    Teapot Dome is a rock formation that had petroleum reserves that was used by the U.S Navy. During this time, Naval ships were switching from coal to oil and setting aside oil reserves was crucial in case of a war. In 1922 Albert Fall the secretary of Interior…

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  • Assembly Hall Research Paper

    wonder when it was first constructed, as it was the first ever concrete dome arena built and remained to be until the construction of the Astrodome in Houston, Texas two years later. Weighing over 4000 tons from only the roof, the concrete dome of the Assembly Hall spans at a 400 feet diameter, 128 feet tall, and built with a folded plate design in about 3.5 inches in thickness. Despite the dome’s massive size and large weight, the dome was self-supported, and when it was constructed, it was…

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  • Problems Of Living On Mars

    then use the fuel for transportation around Mars and lets different machines run on the fuel as well. This would create a proficient way to get around the planet. With the dome being circular, whenever we need to move the dome can roll to where ever you want. All you have to is push a button on one of the tubes and it allows the dome to lose its gravity, allowing it to roll. While creating…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Domed City

    Domed City Pros and Cons The idea of “domed cities” has been roaming around since the 1960s and is still being discussed today. Since this idea has only been thought of and not done, “domed cities” are not in everyone’s mind, but now Dubai and other countries have been making plans and begun building the “domed city,” it is a topic most are viewing from two different angles. The topic of a “domed city” is controversial because of its ability to make others think deeper than most topics. The…

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  • Filippo Brunelleschi

    particular pattern that’s use was essential in building one of the largest domes in the world; herringbone or spina pesce meaning “spine of the fish” (Great Cathedral Mystery). The largest masonry dome in the world sits on top of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence, Italy and was built mainly by the master mason—and later capomaestro, an architect-in-chief—of the name Filippo Brunelleschi. Ingeniously designed, the dome continues to awe scientists and tourists alike—in…

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  • Domed Roof Case Study Abstract— Domes were used extensively to cover the roofs of buildings, particularly mosque buildings; The purpose of this paper was to examine the role of the formation of domed roof of the thermal behavior of a relationship determines the most efficient in the shape of a hot, dry climate of Iraq, Baghdad, This research method is based on field research and simulation modeling to investigation this aim, By comparing the number of elected domes, where it has been…

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  • Capitol Building History

    back in the 1800s. The first thing you notice when you see the building for the first time are the massive columns, which are located at the entrance. There are eight columns at the entrance, but as you look towards the dome, there are almost 18 columns that help support the dome, which is the cupola. Next, there are two wings that are opposite of the Capitol Rotunda known as the North and South wings. According to my tour guide, those two wings represent the balance that is brought to the…

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  • Justinian's Hagia Sophia

    because of the grandiose features the dome brought to the mosque, a completely different sense of the unity of heaven and earth. Hagia Sophia was built to show the…

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