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  • Pantheon Symbols

    world, including Rome. The Pantheon demonstrates this through its structure, history, and most importantly, function. The Pantheon is a prominent symbol of the Roman Empire in its advanced structural design shown through its incredible unsupported dome, rich elements of history such as being consecrated into a church to save the structure, and the Roman people’s manic devotion to religion. Located in Rome, Italy, the Pantheon was built by Marcus Agrippa and designed by Apollodorus of Damascus…

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  • Florence Duomo: Filippo Brunelleschi

    the chance to build the dome of the Florence Duomo. Florence was home to many talented artists, and all of them entered competitions to build or design various buildings around the city. Just a few years before, Brunelleschi had competed to design the bronze doors on the baptistery, but lost the competition to Lorenzo Ghiberti. Along with Ghiberti and Michelangelo, Brunelleschi built a model of what he thought the dome should look like. His design was accepted, and the dome was built under his…

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  • Cosimo De Medici: Godfathers Of The Renaissance

    The church authorities were desperate offering a massive cash prize for solution. Brunelleschi’s model showed the largest unsupported dome. However, he was fearful that his idea would be stolen, so he wrote his calculations in code and refuse to explain the details of his plan. Thus, the cathedral authorities demanded some kind of demonstration before they could award the prize. So, Brunelleschi…

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  • Chai Jing Essay

    Popularity and Censorship: An analysis of Chai Jing’s Under the Dome and Nut Brother’s Project Dust Although the word smog (“雾霾”) first appeared in the newspaper Beijing Daily on May 4th, 2004, the smog problem did not raise public attention until 2012 when the government adopted the particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) index as one of the measurements for air quality (Xue 2016; “Baidu Index” 2017). Since then, many artists have created artworks in response to the air pollution. One of the most famous…

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  • High Renaissance And Baroque Analysis

    period, regular forms with straight and circular lines were used to achieve harmony and calmness with the buildings. It was a response to the Renaissance Humanism movement. The idealistic style of this period was reflected in Maderno’s facade and the dome. As St Peter’s evolved, Baroque qualities came more prominent. More complex forms involving curves and ovals were introduced into the architectural forms and sculptures. This movement was a response to the Counter-Reformation…

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  • Ancient Roman Architecture Achievements

    Anarchy, Rome fell under the rule of the Etruscan king. Rome gained to the writing skills brought up by the Etruscan. Also, adding to this, Rome adapted to building Greek style temples through the Etruscans reign. Roman architecture had comprised dome, arches, barrel, vaults, and cross vaults. In Rome’s existence, some of the greatest architecture were built such as the Pont du Gard Aqueducts, Pantheon, Imperial Cult and to name another the Basilica. Therefore, Rome was a rich city full of…

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  • Essay On Roman Basilica

    is the open space at the center of the building, developed around a vertical axis. The Hagia Sophia is a prime example of Byzantine architecture, located in Istanbul, Turkey. The dome has the appearance of being suspended from heaven, which is considered the "Dome of Heaven". The clerestory windows placed beneath the dome allowed plenty of natural light to enter. The light illuminating on the gold mosaics throughout the interior created an ambiance of…

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  • Sacred Space

    prayer call. Also, the white color is to ensure the purity and calm of the place, and the marble is to express the firm establishment of the prayers. Furthermore, it has a large entry hall covered by a tall dome supported by a dome over the Mihrab and three arches on the other sides. The dome is to give the feeling of the divine, and safety as it protects the people below it. The niche, Mihrab in Arabic, tells the people where Mecca, the birthplace of Islam is. That is because Mihrab is always…

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  • Case Study: Blue Orb Inc.

    Traditional keys are replaced by domes to minimized hand and wrist extension. It can be for anyone with any physical limitations with their wrists, hands or fingers. It is used by people who have arms or hand prostheses, limited use of hands or fingers due to various disabilities including…

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  • Minho Summary

    anything but, his name. The caged elevator comes to a stop, soon after Thomas came out of the elevator, he saw a lot of teenaged boys. They told him that their clan names were the “Glade.” When Thomas looked around, he noticed that everyone was inside the dome-shaped building. The leader named Alby tells Thomas that his presence in the Glade is a long story, so he won't tell him until he takes "the Tour" tomorrow. Alby gives him the tour…

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