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  • Personal Narrative: Marching Greyhounds

    Walking on to the Lucas Oil turf as a Carmel Marching Greyhound for awards at Grand National finals after an exhilarating performance of “What a Tangled Web We Weave” was a feeling of pure accomplishment. As a sophomore, I had done this once before, but this time was different. The whole band knew we were in the running for the national title. Avon and Broken Arrow were our biggest competitors. Earlier in the season we won ISSMA state, so coming into nationals we knew we had a pretty good…

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  • Descriptive Vacation

    During the summer of 2014, my family and I enjoyed a vacation in one of the most beautiful place I have ever visited. My uncle had won a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the whole family and we were ecstatic to say the least. I remember looking at pictures of the unbelievable mansion we would be staying in called Casa China Blanca, but no picture captured how amazing it truly was. Although, the entire city was not as luxurious as our gated community, I still believe Puerto Vallarta is one of…

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  • Ash And Pumice, The Story Of Pompeii

    Ash and Pumice, the Story of Pompeii Angela R. Davis Fresno Pacific University PHYS-151-XON10 Geology and Planet Earth September 24, 2015 Ash and Pumice, the Story of Pompeii Pompeii is a city arrested by time; it is beautifully situated on the Italian seaside with the Somma-Vesuvio complex dominating the skyline. Its ancient narrative is told in ash, pumice, and petrified masks of humanity. Mount Vesuvius is well known for its violent past as attested by the hundreds of…

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  • Greek Architecture: The Parthenon

    The Parthenon was built 448-432 BCE and it was made of marble. It is a temple dedicated to the Goddess Athena. The Greeks believed she helped them to conquer the Persian Empire during the Persian Wars. The Parthenon symbolized wealth and power to the Athenians. Tax money was used to pay for the building and it was also used as a state treasury that held tax money the Dalian League collected. This society was proud of its cultural and political achievements and they formed the first…

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  • Metamorphosis In Gregor's Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka’s twentieth-century classic, Metamorphosis, shows the changes of the Samsa family after their son, Gregor, turns into a vile insect. Even though Gregor has turned into the most disgusting of creatures, this “metamorphosis” is ironic compared to the transformation that his family endures. While Gregor still sustains his humanity, the lack of any compassion and mercy from his family is what makes them the disgusting creatures rather than Gregor. The changes of Gregor’s father, mother,…

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  • Examples Of Satire In The Truman Show

    discover that Truman Burbank was born and raised on the set of the world’s most popular television show. The idea that a child could be adopted by a corporation is completely absurd. After this corporation adopted this child, they placed him in a giant dome, to live out his life in front of cameras, for the whole world to see. The men and women who follow Truman’s story from the beginning are crazy. Most of them forgot completely how to live their lives while they were engrossed in Truman’s life…

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  • My Favorite Artifact

    Imagine going back in time, putting yourself in the shoes of the Hiroshima civilians in 1945. It’s a normal day, but suddenly a bright flash passes. You see the people around you disintegrate, disappearing from the world. One second they’re here, and the next, not even a single trace. The only thing that kept you alive was the walls of two buildings. August 6, 1945 is a day that will remain in our hearts forever. There were many places we traveled in Hiroshima, but to me the Peace Park was the…

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  • Hazard And Vulnerability Analysis

    Comprising the CNN Center and the Georgia Dome, where basketball tournament got postponed. Many other buildings were destroyed including Philips Arena, Omni Hotel, which got evacuated after windows got blown out, and the Georgia Congress Center. As a result, one man got killed, and 30 others got…

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  • Stone Mountain Research Paper

    and preserve Confederate memory throughout the South; however, the NAACP states the Confederate monument at Stone Mountain is a glorification of white supremacy. As Tony Horwitz described it, “the largest hunk of exposed granite in the world, the dome shaped mountain poked up from Atlanta’s wooded perimeter like a very, very bald man in a crowd.” At Stone Mountain there is a Confederate memorial that lies on the northern side of the mountain. This memorial has three Confederate figures on…

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  • An Important Role In Gothic Architecture

    There are many factors in everyday life that affects human behavior. Art, for example, has an enormous influence on how people react to day-to-day activities in their life. Architecture also has an important role on the way people act in different atmospheres. Some people may think that architecture is all about the shape of the building, but so much more thought goes into the process of it. When creating the architecture of the building, one must look at the intending use of the property, the…

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