Characteristics Of Renaissance Art

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Can you imagine a world with no realism in its arts , architecture and literature? The Renaissance had a big impact on how people viewed the world. Especially for artist and writers. Artists saw the Renaissance as a “rebirth” because they saw the disorder and disagreement between people of the Medieval World. They got inspired to paint the classical realism of Greece and Rome. Writers works were about philosophy and scholarships and some wrote guidebooks to help people become successful. It also helped architects sculpt realistic structures. The Renaissance helped artist, architects and writers express the eras ideals and values like humanism and religious themes, they were clearly seen in their arts, architecture and literature. Art reflected ideas, ideals and values since artists regained interest in the classical learning of Greek and Rome they developed new perspectives and …show more content…
Romanesque was solid and substantial and gothic was more about big stained windows they also used a lot of arches most of its works were heavy. An example of Gothic is The Seven Joys of Mary where they used arches throughout the whole painting to make the buildings and mountains in the background, it shows how their details relied more on arches to get the effect of realism. The renaissance came and abandoned these styles and made architecture more about Greece and Rome they adopted columns, arches ,and domes. Leon Battista Alberti was an Italian humanist architect who described art as “Social Art” he believed that art should be blended with beauty and utility with society. Examples of architecture is the Florence cathedral dome it shows the arches and religious beliefs of the society. Since religion was a big part in the era it also brought conflicts because priest use to lie and this brought literature in to

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