Benefits Of Tidying Dogs

Let’s face it. Tidying dogs is tedious. It takes a huge amount of commitment to bring our ‘best friends‘ in tiptop state hygiene. Well, that is if you really upkeep your pet. If you are the type who never underrates sanitary lifestyle, I bet bathing your bestie in a strong water current from a hose will never be enough. Do you believe your partner in crime deserves to be fresh and spotless? Hence, here are 150 DIY GROOMING TIPS FOR DOGS.
1. START EARLY. It is recommended that dog grooming be started as early as you brought your pet home. Let your dog be immersed in cleanliness and let your pet be used to your handling. This will help your dog feel less stressed in your grooming pattern especially when the breed requires grooming on a regular
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GET YOUR DOG ACCUSTOMED TO SOUND. Having your pup get used to the sounds of the grooming devices such as the sounds of the blow dryers, nail clippers, etc. This will reduce his fear of the training process at an early age.
5. PAUSE FOR PAWS. Find time to play with your pup. Touch his paws often every day. Dogs usually like the surface of our palm, which means they naturally trust us and this will get him used with your touch, with your massage and paw inspections. Don’t introduce nail clippers yet. He may run away from you and get you some trouble in cutting the chase.
6. TREATS. Give your pup a treat when you have your paw touching session. Your pup will have a good association whenever handling of paws is made.
7. CHOOSE THE CLIPPER. If your pup has nails that requires clipping, then it is a necessity to know what type of nail clipper is suitable and most effective to use. There are standard nail clippers, battery or electricity powered, or you can use a special type of dog nail file. It actually depends on how suited is your dog on the type of the equipment. If you have the cash, it is never wrong to try each of
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MIND THE VEIN. When trimming, see first if your pup has clear nails. If you see the pink vein along the middle, just cut through below the pink area.
14. FOR THE BLACK NAILS. For those dogs with black nails, look from below of the nail and see the excess protruding parts. Be careful. The veins for those who have black nails are difficult to identify.
15. RULE OF THE THUMB. You see the underpads of your dog? The rule is, the nails must line up with those pads. That is how you can tell if you have trimmed enough those nails.
16. STAY ACTIVE. If you pup spends a lot of time walking, running around and all physically active, then there may be less need for cutting the nails. Vigorous activity that requires your dog to use his paws against hard surfaces, actually, fortunately may cause wearing down of the nails.
17. WATCH OUT FOR THE DEWCLAWS. You may want to omit those vestigial digits before they can cause nail problems. These nails, found on the further up the area of the leg, tend to be forgotten. There are also dewclaws found at the hind legs. Non-removal of these disturbance claws, especially when grown in the side pad, may cause

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