Process Essay: How To Train A Dog

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How to Train a Dog

If you have a dog, you know how fabulous having a dog can be. People may say that having a dog is also tough. A dog does not always follow what people say. Treat your dog with respect while training. Do not expect a dog to get the hang of it right away. Be patient with your dog while training. There are around 77.8 million dogs in the United States. Tons of dogs assume the world revolves around them. If you instruct them to do something, they will know you are the master of them. If you follow these steps, you will know how to train a dog.
To begin, gather your supplies to train your dog. First, gather a leash in case your dog tries to sprint away. They can get distracted by other dogs or people. Next, gather a collar for the leash to connect to. Initially, people usually have treats for their dog to let him or her know that they are doing a terrific job. Of course, to be able to train a dog, you will need a dog! These materials will help while training your dog.
To continue, train the dog constantly until the dog has the hang of it. First of all, teach
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To begin with, give them a healthy and delicious treat. They love getting something delightful after doing that work. Also, give them a reward by frolicking outside with them. If the dog has a toy to play with, throw the toy a couple of times and let them go fetch the toy. After frolicking outside with your dog, go let them rest inside somewhere. They get really tired after a whole day of work. While they are resting, pet them for a couple of minutes. Follow these instructions and your dog will realize you are a marvelous instructor.
In conclusion, you learned how to train your dog. Training a dog can be challenging for yourself and a dog. Do not let the dog chase anyone. Also use these tricks for entertainment. Training a dog takes weeks or maybe months. Learn to be calm with your dog. What trick do you like best that your dog

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