Radioographic Reflection Paper

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Many people would assume that performing radiographic examinations is a simple task. However, this is not the case, there are multiple factors that need to be considered when a technologist is attempting to obtain adequate radiographic images. In didactic and clinical instruction, students such as myself are learning to recognize the importance and apply these factors. By extension, we are learning when and why adjustments to key factors are required. Accordingly, my Instructors have stressed the need for critical thinking skills in the clinical setting. In order to understand this key skill, I will review an exam discussing the factors and skills required to achieve the highest quality radiographs possible. Currently, I am assigned to the Radiology Department at Christus Spohn South, where I have been able to observe various examinations. The examination I have chosen to report on was performed the Clinical …show more content…
In short an examination of the bones in the thorax and foot do not require much preparation, however, since the patient was female the removal of a bra or any metal that may obstruct the anatomy in question is generally necessary. Luckily, the patient for this exam had worn a sports bra in anticipation of radiographic procedures, yet still she was verbally prepared for the exams with a brief description of the images that would be taken. Furthermore, just as the patient is prepared for a procedure so too is the examination room prepared. The examination required preparation for both upright and table images to do so a sheet and pillow were laid on the table to increase patient comfort and decrease contamination to the table. In addition to this, the tube head was angled toward the upright Bucky in order to easily and quickly take the erect images of the patient before moving her to the table for the recumbent

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