The Glass Box Monologue

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The set is clean and empty; it is a blank canvas. There are plain colours on stage, whether it be just a white light, or a light blue. There is someone on stage. They are not female; nor are they male. They just are. This is THE CHARACTER.
THE CHARACTER is in a limbo of sorts. THE CHARACTER did not mean to pass away -- they did not want to pass away. The mystery to the audience, however, is how did THE CHARACTER pass away. All we know, as the audience, is that the character is not ready to come to terms with this moment of their lives (or, at least, the aftermath of their lives).
The format of the show is revealed; Dancers in glass boxes which tell the varying emotions in this person 's mind. The major lighting is minimal. When used, it is
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This is when they notice a box. It is strange how ordinary it appears. There is something bizarre about the fact that there is a single, unopened box in the middle of this empty space.
THE CHARACTER opens the box, leans in, and falls, à la Alice in Wonderland. They fall into the story of our two characters, NOVEMBER and REON.
These are the lives of two very unique people on very different walks of life: NOVEMBER, now blind after a party-gone-wrong (her sense of sound has been raised and it 's all just noise), and REON, who is suffering from gender dysphoria.
NOVEMBER 's FRIENDS have become annoyed with how NOVEMBER is reacting to this new darkness. They tell her to deal with it and to not to let these obstacles in her life stop her from doing what she loves.
NOVEMBER, consequently, is dragged to a local masquerade party. NOVEMBER is trying to forget everything when she meets REON, who has not yet transitioned. They begin to connect with one another in a way they never thought possible. One day, they lose contact. NOVEMBER is heartbroken and is back to her old ways, until her senior year, two years later. A strangely familiar voice transfers to NOVEMBER 's school, who to her surprise, is also named

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