Personal Narrative: My Families Are Different From The United States

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Even though we might consider ourselves part of the united states. Me and my family have come to a conclusion that us “Floridians” are too different. The American government has named most of our neighborhoods and some cities by our Latin culture. We feel different from the rest of the united states cause nothing is like the rest of it. Our way of life our way of living is completely different from the rest. Cubans have taken over south Florida and even though we might be the most chaotic state I honestly believe that we’re our own little country down there. I’ve lived in a family of five, one older sister, and one younger one. Growing up in the city always being held captive within my home I never gained any freedom into the world. Me being hyper active I never wanted to …show more content…
I pulled the strength to get back on my bike and continue riding to my house. As soon as I got home it was 10pm my parents waiting for em they thought I was just running late knowing I went surfing. As I walked in the door I immediately fell to the ground holding my rib cage. My mom scared she screamed and rushed herself to my body holding my head up making sure I was breathing. My father had called the ambulance and came up to me taking my shirt off to see what was wrong. He say my ribs bruised badly getting ice in a bag for me and I curled on the floor. My father knowing I was going to be alright he still couldn’t help but letting a tear out himself. As the ambulance came my dad was the one to go on the ride with me, my mother praying and couldn’t but to weep to God to help her only son. To not let him die. My eyes closed and the next time I had woken I was bandaged up the nurse told me not to move for I had 2 broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. The docter I was free to go home and for the next year and a half I spent it healing wondering if ill ever get to experience the freedom that I once

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