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  • The Myth Of Pandora's Box

    They were ultimately forced to live in the mortal world and endure all of the pains and brutalities it posses. This creation story parallels with the Myth of Pandora’s box in Greek Mythology. Both stories exhibit the presence of good and evil and how human error introduced evil into our world. The role of evil is portrayed through the myth of Pandora’s box in Greek…

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  • Should Environmentalists Continue To Be Alarmists?

    Environmental Concerns “Should Environmentalists Continue to Be Alarmists?” When it comes to environmental concerns there is always going to be those that tend to care beyond the call of duty, just enough, or not all. Usually, how information is presented and the timing of when it is announced by an Environmentalist can affect how the overall population reacts to the news. It can change their perception of how much each individual will continue to care or not to care for the environment. If for…

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  • The Importance Of Proper Order In Society

    Humans are always striving for something, be it success, happiness, or to achieve a particular goal. Depending on a person’s individual way of living and their culture, those ambitions may differ. In East Asia, the goal for most people is to achieve proper order within the institutions surrounding them. Proper order is utilized to create preconditions and achieve and maintain a balanced life. The concept of proper order is, in part, based on the idea of the universality of wanting control. This…

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  • The Importance Of Art In Cat's Cradle

    underestimate the effect of art on the minds of human logic and opinion. Not only does art deter people from their path of logic, but it can predict what path humanity will take. Vonnegut writes, “the novel was about the end of the world in the year 2000, and the name of the book was 2000 A.D. it told about how mad scientists made a terrific bomb that wiped out the whole world"(9). This book in Vonnegut 's novel, foreshadows the inevitable deadly effect that…

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  • A Passage To Indian Friendship Analysis

    Is it possible for Indians and English people to become friends and tolerate each other 's differences? These differences include race, power, and religion. Can they, in a larger sense, unite together in friendship through collectivism and dharma? The answer is not obtained through the text, A Passage To India, by E.M. Forster; instead, the reader must observe the text and decide an answer to these questions. Through observations, the reader learns that it is necessary that all living creatures…

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  • Friedrich Nietzsche And Thomas Hobbes: What It Means To Be Human

    regarding what it means to be human. As humans, we strive to get the most of this life, thus to live “the good life”. The question arises, what type of life brings us the greatest meaning? Many philosophers and thinkers have tried to answer this, and have composed strikingly different conceptions. Some of the most notable thinkers are Friedrich Nietzsche and Thomas Hobbes. Both try to provide the most accurate representation of the human being. Through understanding the human person, we are able…

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  • Essay On Impact Of Technology On Language And Society

    bounteous invented technologies holding big roles in human language and society. Hence it is hard for almost every person in this world to live without technologies. While abounding technologies become more advance every day, it is directly affects human language and society. Basically, many technologies are invented in order to help and make human’s tasks or jobs easier to be done. Well said, technologies give a lot of positive impacts to human language and civilization. For example, technology…

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  • Analysis Of 'I Am Going To Start Living Like A Mystic'

    the natural world could be like a pilgrimage as stated by Edward Hirsch. Looking at the trees, the sky, the snow, and all the beauty that nature has to offer, as a human one wonders and expands upon his or her idea of nature and its tangible limitations. However, at the same time one may lose focus and fall into delusion, as the human heart is naturally attracted by anything that is beautiful. It is a fine description by Edward Hirsch, as he expresses the natural world in words. “walking across…

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  • Watchmen Symbolism Analysis

    it than what the eye meets. It is such a simple symbol that shows happiness, yet is presented in such a convoluted manner in the comic. The smiley face in Watchmen is used ironically throughout the text to show how the characters, and perhaps all humans try to overlook or falsify violence, reality, and immorality, and further shows that these characteristics can’t be covered up. Additionally, the symbol suggests that we live in a pretense world where we try to find happiness, by ultimately…

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  • Is Abortion Morally Permissible Essay

    killing a human fetus. This action is legal in the United States of America due to the differing opinions regarding it. In this essay, I will discuss whether, or not abortion is morally permissible. If Abortion is in fact morally permissible, is it permissible in all or just some situations? I will argue that abortion is only morally correct in cases of a fetus having a severe genetic disorder and when the mother’s life is in danger. I will defend my argument by explaining how a fetus is a…

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