Annie's Essay: Don T Drive Us Home

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Annie sat on the couch, her cup of diet coke seeming to be the only thing in the room that didn’t have alcohol in it. Scanning the room, she spotted Jess, her best friend, dancing with yet another guy. She sighed, taking a sip from the cup. Hannah, her other friend stumbled through the kitchen, holding yet another bottle in her hand. Hannah let out an ear piercing yell, and raises the bottle. The room echoes her irritating yell, mimicking her actions as they raise their drinks too. Annie, rolled her eyes, why couldn’t Hannah just sit at home and watch netflix with the her and Jess? There was always another party. Annie glanced down at her phone, and saw the bright twelve o’clock shining back. She stood and approached her tipsy friend.
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I’m driving or you’re finding a different ride. I haven’t had that much to drink anyway,” Hannah replied, her words slurring together. She turned to walk back to her car, but Annie grabbed her arm. “Hannah, you can’t even walk straight. Clearly, you can’t drive us home. You’re being reckless.” “Annie, if you want a ride home, you’ll have to suck it up and stop being such a controlling freak. You’re not my mom. I am fine to drive. So if you’re done spazzing out, can we please leave since you’re so set on leaving the party so soon,” Hannah glared at Annie, ripping her arm out of her friends grasp. Annie sighed, and reluctantly chased after Hannah. “Jess, come on. We’ve gotta go, before Hannah leaves without us,” Annie shouted over her shoulder, beckoning her friend towards the car. Jess planted a sloppy kiss on the boy’s lips, and scampered after Annie, her heels clacking against the …show more content…
“Annie? Annie where are you? Jess? Guys I’m scared.” Suddenly, Hannah heard a groan coming from behind her. “Hannah? Is that you? Hannah I can’t move.” Jess sobbed. “Where’s Annie? What happened? Where are we?” “I can’t see her. She’s not next to me. I can’t feel her either, but my leg is pinned under something.” Sirens blared in the distance, slowly becoming louder. Suddenly Hannah could see the flashing lights. They illuminated the mangled vehicle, and Hannah let out a scream as she saw Annie. Her body was halfway out the windshield, leaving just her bottom half inside of the car. The blood from her body was splattered on the window, and Hannah felt her stomach drop.
“I only had like, five shots. I said I was okay to drive.. She-- she tried to take the keys but I persisted… I felt okay to bring you home… I didn’t think I was doing anything stupid. It’s my fault… It’s all my fault. God, I did this to her. I was so stupid. I was so stupid,” Hannah cried, her voice drowning in the sound of sirens. Hannah heard the sound of Jess’s voice slowly fading away, as her world went to

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