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  • Globalization In The Marketing Industry

    Today’s modernizing world would not be possible without the use of globalization as it virtually improves and reaches all aspects of life. Without the process of globalization many essential products, goods and services would not be available on the market, due to trade barriers. Globalization consists of interactions between trading countries to promote free trade worldwide and allows businesses to operate in innovated ways. This paper will focus on the effects globalization has on the…

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  • Importance Of Hegemony

    The hegemony of the West in the development of the World is significant along the history. First with the Imperialism period with the British power as a main actor, and then with the USA influence after the Second War World. Hegemony is defined as the influence of certain social classes with a particular state by a structure of values who achieve leadership through the control over of the main activities leading to a scenario with dominant and dominance states. Moreover, rising powers are the…

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  • Reflective Essay: My First Trip To Nicaragua

    It will be two years next month since I have seen you and 5 years since my first trip to Nicaragua. As a high school sophomore I was lucky enough to travel to Nicaragua to a rural village in four hours Northeast of Managua, as I have told you before. Upon my arrival I have seen the unwavering hospitality of the Nicaraguan people and their enormous hearts. My time in Nicaragua has also challenged me to think about my privilege simply having been born in the US and some of the realities of third…

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  • Ill-Health In Underdeveloped Countries

    In addition to inequality, there is a prevalent issue if ill-health in undeveloped countries today that is rooted in poverty, issues of colonization, and a lack of research and development, which has dire implication for humanity as a whole. But what does it mean to be in good health? Good health in a nation can be defined as having access to proper healthcare, decent shelter, clean water and sanitation, and sound nourishment. These are all goods taken for granted in western civilization, that…

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  • Benin

    Over the past years, industrialized nations, such as the United States (U.S.) and Europe, have ridded their nations of waste by participating in the international waste trade. The international waste trade is when industrialized nations export toxic wastes created in their country and relocate it to other undeveloped countries. This has become a debate issues due to various factors. In 1987, Sunday Nana, a Nigerian, illegally signed a contract allowing Italians, Renato Pent and Gianfranco…

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  • Does The Globalization Of Economies Reduce Poverty?

    Globalization of economies has negatively affected individuals by creating more inequality and by failing to reduce poverty. The environment has also faced a negative impact because many developed countries are still heavily reliant on fossil-fuels and their production of greenhouse gases keeps rising. Additionally, the United States outsources much of its industrial sector to China whose population is quickly growing which has led to large concentrated areas of pollution emission. When…

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  • Nutrition Case Study Analysis

    According to Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential document on enabling sustained economic and social responsibility for the next five billion people it stated the mission was “to bring together the company’s and business strategy and citizenship goals in a coordinated effort to help address the diverse social and economic issues faced by those who currently receive little or no benefit from technology.” Microsoft program is to globalize newer technology to countries without it in order to catch these…

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  • How Does Income Inequality Cause Wealth Divides

    between countries may have been reduced, inequality within countries has risen. There is growing consensus that economic growth is not sufficient to reduce poverty if it is not inclusive and if it does not involve the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental (United Nations). On the issue of income inequality the United Nations should do exactly what they proposed which is to essentially…

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  • A Foucauldian Critique Of James Ferguson's Anti Political Machine

    The book Anti Politics machine is a Foucauldian critique in development. James Ferguson describes different stages of development programs that took place in a small landlocked country called Lesotho completely surrounded by South Africa. It has a population of 2 million where 40% of them live below International Poverty line of US . Thaba-Tseka is a district in Lesotho and its capital Camptown is the only town in the district. Same as it is historically and geographically isolated, the Third…

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  • Globalization Argumentative Analysis

    Globalization has been seen, in recent years, as one of the best ways for a sectors, it comes through a period of transition that is many times filled with growing pains. The real question is whether this push for globalization is actually working. While the prevalent argument in today’s society is whether or not globalization is a good thing, the better question may be to understand if we truly are globalizing. The discussion on globalization led first to an examination of the theory that…

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