Importance Of Hegemony

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The hegemony of the West in the development of the World is significant along the history. First with the Imperialism period with the British power as a main actor, and then with the USA influence after the Second War World. Hegemony is defined as the influence of certain social classes with a particular state by a structure of values who achieve leadership through the control over of the main activities leading to a scenario with dominant and dominance states. Moreover, rising powers are the emergent states which become essential in the new development order of the world, for instance: China and India. This essay will provide the nature and the relevance of the threat of these new rising to the hegemony of the West. The concepts of soft …show more content…
Historically, people from less developed countries have migrated to the powerful countries in order to improve their lives and they bring many expectations and doubts. The rising of China and India as a world power are provoking the return of some of the population living abroad to their country with the result of new investment in infrastructure, several innovative ideas and new knowledge. This situation leads to these countries to build a better basis for their future generation, in other words, this situation has been helping the development of the state. For instance, the Indian reconnection with its diaspora through the implement of new categories like non-resident Indians by the government agency, which attract people living abroad to return to the country. This situation has been provoking the emerging of cities with better life style in India like Bangalore. In addition to this, the diaspora of Chinese and Indian around the world has provoked new trades and economic dependences with these countries. For example, the trades that have been stablished by Chinese in Cape Verde which have a huge impact in the economy of this small country. People from the country said that after Chinese had arrived, everyone wore shoes and parents can afford to buy children present (Mohan and Butcher, 2013, page 137). Through this situation is clear to see the influence of the Chinese migration around the world. This can be seen as a threat to the west because developing countries are looking more for products from China than products from countries with a long relation like states which they were colonies. In addition to this, China and India are the two most populated countries in the world, there population may produce and change the structure of the country just with a massive migration. An example of this is the movement from the countryside to the cities in both

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