Exercise physiology

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  • Why People Wear Weighted Clothing

    There are many reasons why people choose to wear weighted clothing and the most important ones include the fact that it helps building strength, toning muscles, building bone mass, and so on. But what exactly is the weighted clothing? Well, in simple words, the weighted clothing is clothing with built-in weights added to different parts of the body in order to increase the intensity during a resistance training. Moreover, the weighting clothing is adjustable for the user and comes in a wide…

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  • Netball Training Research Paper

    stress. (NetballAmerica.com) Training for any sport can be challenging. In this case Netball as mention before is a very intense sport and requires for a player to be in a high fitness level, and willing to work hard to keep it up. Many various exercises can be use to keep enthusiasm and motivation and not hit the tedium stage as any other activity, especially since a netballer would need to keep training even during the off-season because the emphasis of its training program as any other is…

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  • Summary: Anaerobic Exercise In Women

    MODERATE AEROBIC EXERCISE ON FAT COMPOSITION IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN IN BOOY, DISTRICT Introduction According to the public health agencies all over the world, physical activity is a simple and inexpensive way to prevent any disease. An individual should be physically active at least 150 min/week at moderate intensity, or 60 to 75 min/week at vigorous intensity. A body weight regulation is a beneficial effect of physical activity. (CM Friedenreich, et. al, 2015) An aerobic exercise is a…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Jumping Jacks

    convenient exercise that you can perform almost anywhere, jumping jacks may be a great option for you. This convenient exercise helps strengthen multiple muscle groups while providing an aerobic workout that burns calories. Because of the impact involved, jumping jacks aren’t for everyone. Talk to your doctor before starting a routine that includes jumping jacks, especially if you have joint pain or instability. Warm-Up Jumping jacks are an ideal warm-up exercise. Five minutes of this exercise…

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  • The Dangers Of Weight Training

    Weight training has become a very popular sport among people of all ages and genders. Whether a person is young or old, male or female, staying in shape is a vital part of living a healthy life. People all over the world have started getting healthier to increase lifespan and overall well being. So, how could something that has such good effects be dangerous? Weight lifting can be dangerous in many ways. One way is consistency. If you take extensive breaks from a heavy-lifting program for…

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  • Pulmonary Physiology

    Pulmonary Physiology and Disorders One of the main purposes of respiration is gas exchange. The physiological definition of respiration differs from the biochemistry definition of respiration. Physiology defines respiration as movement of air, more specifically oxygen, from the environment to the cells in the body. Biochemistry defines respiration as the metabolic process by which cells utilize glucose and oxygen to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Inspiration, which is an active part of…

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  • Importance Of Core Exercises

    CORE EXERCISES Core exercises are a important part of any exercise regimen. These exercises give strength to the body, particularly the pelvis, hip, and lower back areas. Some examples of this type of exercise include crunches, reverse crunches, ball crunches, oblique crossing over crunches, air bicycling, plank, butt lifts, back extensions with ball, and many more. Now, you will see the benefits of doing these exercises .One should make performing this exercise as a routine job . Aside from…

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  • Self Accomplishment

    improve muscle strength and boost endurance. “Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more…

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  • Human Response To Sports And Exercise Essay

    NORTH WEST KENT COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF SPORT & LEISURE FOUDATION DEGREE in SPORTS SCIENCE Human Responses to Sports & Exercise Assessment Task 1 Workbook Student Name: Daniel Kelly Instructions: Read the information provided, and answer the questions. Please note that your answers should be concise, to the point, and include brief explanation. Part A: Scenario: You are a fitness coach and are instructing a personal fitness training session for an athlete in a gym. The session…

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  • The Benefits Of Running Before And After Photos

    Running Before and After Running is a favorite form of exercise to burn calories, tone the muscles and improve the cardiovascular system. Running regularly can help keep excess weight off. However, your running before and after weight will also depend on how many calories you consume versus how much you burn. The key to any weight-loss program is to burn more calories than consumed. To benefit from exercise, you must eat a healthy diet regularly. Part 1: Eight Running Before and After Stories…

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