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  • Stereotypes Of Video Games And Social Life

    It is such a great feeling to have some sort of entertainment when a person has nothing to do for the rest of the day. I am not talking about watching television, or listening to music, but I am referring to video games. Video games are a great form of entertainment, not only you have fun but you also get to keep yourself busy for the a long period amount of time. It can be fun for the family and for friends to just have a way to interact with each other. However, when it comes to video gaming it teaches you more than you can imagine, but of course how will you know when you are too busy having fun. Today I will be informing you how video games are a great form of practice to develop oneself abilities, self conscious, and self exercise. When people play video games they are more focused on how to pass the mission or how to reach the next level, but what they do not realize is that they are doing a task performance on how well they do. In fact, in source Computers in Human Behavior. May 2016 by Murias, Kara, and other authors says, “Previous studies have indicated a correlation between video games use and performance on many virtual tasks, including tasks of navigation and orientation.” This helps the player to have more dexterity when it comes to video gaming which in other words is a hands on task. Also the player can see for themselves the abilities that they have or new ones that they have come to encounter. The article also states that those who have a long history…

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  • Negative Essay: The Benefits Of Video Games

    train surgeons in their laparoscopic skills. Moreover, studies conducted by Lynch, Aughwane, and Hammond (2010) shows that surgeons who play video games acquire endoscopic but not robotic techniques quicker, and training on video games seems to have improved performance. Video games enhances many aspects of our brain and could potentially be used to treat certain medical conditions. Equally important, video games can also be used for medical purposes such as improving physical fitness through…

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  • Video Game Epidemic Analysis

    physical activities such as exercising might be boring for them. But obesity arise in today’s generation also because of technologies. children and teenagers just get entertainment in playing video games sitting. But there are also video games in which it helps encourage people healthy physical activities and is also advisable especially for stroke patients. This is what we call Exergaming. Games in Xbox 360, Kinect, PlayStation Move and Nintendo Wii involves not just just using your hands in…

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  • Taking A Look At Virtual Sports

    unequivocally unfair. One of the most essential parts of physical education and health classes in school is to promote active lifestyles and help combat obesity. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council one in every four children under the age of sixteen is overweight in Australia (Obesity, 2015). Allowing virtual sports to replace actual participation in sport would be enhancing what is already a very serious and grave issue. One counterpoint, in favor of virtual gaming…

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  • Cross Trainers Research Paper

    Swinging the kettlebell works muscles in a way that weight machines and barbells can't. Start with a light kettlebell 8 to 15 pounds for women, and 15 to 25 pounds for men. The form is critical to prevent injury, so ask a trainer to show you how to use them properly. Boot Camp: Back to Basics This is basic training without a drill sergeant sneering and shouting in your face. There’s no fancy equipment -- just a series of pushups, squats, kicks, other calisthenics, and aerobic movements.…

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  • Video Games And Health Essay

    (1987) considered to be motivational within games. While some might not see the connection but all these features are key and play a major role in learning. Take a minute and ask yourself what motivates you to carry out certain functions in your everyday life. Whatever it is that you look to as being motivation in turn have an effect on you in a certain way. Because video games are viewed by so many as just being for entertainment, they can be incorporated in to health care. Playing games…

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  • Negative Effects Of Gaming

    begin developing and hygiene can become an issue. A lot of children have become obese from gaming, but the root of the problem generally stems from elsewhere. The body constantly sweats, whether you realize it or not. If a person is playing a game that they are really enjoying, sometimes time can slip away from them. Next thing that person knows, days have gone by. Showers were missed and brushing their teeth was the last thing on the gamers mind. “Childhood obesity, which is due in part to…

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