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  • Career Exploration Case Study

    as much, but I know is a big part of me. I want to be able to have enough money to help them out as much as I can. Becoming a Public Relations Specialist demands lots of extra hours outside the office and the reason for this, is because lots of research needs to be done to be able to get things done right. This includes writing press released because their main job is to keep the public inform about the issues that are happening. In addition, I have always seen myself working at my own, but still having a voice on current issues that are happening. This job gives me this flexibility to do both. Working many extra hours can be a problem, because I will not have as much time for my family and friends. This careers demands a person with a strong writing skill, for the same reason, I am minoring in English as I know that writing will be with me for the rest…

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  • My Personal Experience: My Career And Major Interests

    This semester in the Exploratory course, many resources have been provided to me so that I may be able to narrow down my options for my career and major interests. Through activities that have helped me to explore my personality like the STEAM project, the Type Focus test, and the Strong Interest Inventory, I have been able to more clearly see which careers and majors interest me and which do not. Through tools such as the career and academic counseling appointments as well as the informational…

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  • Differences Between A Job And A Career

    of a successful career? My vision of a successful career is a job where I am able to learn more. A successful career also includes well pay and benefits. Interests- Strong Interest Inventory What are your strongest interest codes according to the Strong Interest Inventory (SII)? My strongest interest codes according to the Strong Interest Inventory are Conventional, Investigative, and Social. Do you agree or disagree with your Strong results? Why or why not? I do agree with my Strong Interest…

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  • Computers Inc Case Study Solution

    assets for financial institutions. 10. a. Primary-market transaction b. Derivative assets c. Investors who wish to hold gold without the complication and cost of physical storage. 1-3 11. a. A fixed salary means that compensation is (at least in the short run) independent of the firm's success. This salary structure does not tie the manager’s immediate compensation to the success of the firm. However, the manager might view this as the safest compensation structure and therefore value it…

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  • Adani Power Ratio Analysis

    indicates that the company is not in good financial health. 2. ACID – TEST RATIO The acid-test ratio is a strong indicator of whether a firm has sufficient short-term assets to cover its immediate liabilities. Just as the current ratio the acid test ratio of Adani Power has increased over the past 3 years. The…

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  • Importance Of Computer Authorship

    Assessment , abbreviated OTA, official determined that computers were more than merely tools. This leads to questions about the level of involvement of a human during the process of producing a copyrightable work. The programmer receives copyright for the underlying software of the machine, but it is unclear how much the programmer must be involved in the output in order to claim copyright for a creative work. The OTA has also determined the issue of co-authorship to be still "open" when a…

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  • The Consequences Of My Life

    My parents were thrilled. They hoped this might be their opportunity to have some relief. Sadly, when they spoke to my sister, they soon learned that their 7.5% interest rate would not change. Our home value plummeted so sharply that the mortgage my parents had been paying on for years was 20% higher than the home was worth. Hard decisions had to be made. My parent’s plan to retire was pushed back about a decade. My family clawed through the years. It was a tough road to recovery, but we’ve…

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  • Case Study: Fran And Ed Blake

    First, I would need the current interest rate on their savings and investment funds to figure their time value of money. I would need to know the education costs as well as in estimated annual inflation percentage rate. I would also weight the options and research low interest rate student loans versus overextending my finances. Secondly, we know the amount the medical facility costs each month, as well as the estimated annual increase; however, how much is Fran’s mother contributing? Lastly,…

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  • Analysis Of SIMP: The Most Modifiable Software Based Amortization Model

    Based on a 35% tax bracket the after tax revenue stream of SIMP is $509 please refer to cell J1 VS the 30-Year which is $424 please refer to cell T12 SIMP’s the after tax revenue stream is $72 a month higher, this gives lenders $72 a month more revenue over 10 years to reinvest due to the fact SIMP borrowers monthly payments are composed of $100% principal oppose to 90% interest, in the case of the 30-year model. How do we quantify how much more yield SIMP would receive due…

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  • Questions: Write Two Exponential Models Of Accounting

    Getting Started: 1. Write two exponential models for the given information below. Use both and . a) Hours, t 0 4 6 7 9 12 Tribbles, y 2 23 80 148 208 3214 b) 2. You put $400 into a savings account that yields 4% interest compounded monthly. What will be the account balance in 3 years? 3. You deposit $3000 into a savings account that yields 3% compounded continuously. How long will it take for your account to have a balance of $4500? Extensions: You are a financial…

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