Academic Major Interests: Strong Interest Inventory

How would you describe the difference between a job and a career?
A job is something a person is required to do in order for income. A career is a dream job where a person would feel happy everyday at work.
What is your vision of a successful career?
My vision of a successful career is a job where I am able to learn more. A successful career also includes well pay and benefits.
Interests- Strong Interest Inventory
What are your strongest interest codes according to the Strong Interest Inventory (SII)?
My strongest interest codes according to the Strong Interest Inventory are Conventional, Investigative, and Social.
Do you agree or disagree with your Strong results? Why or why not?
I do agree with my Strong Interest Inventory results. I enjoy working with data and numbers,
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It is important to attain a college degree because it provides more benefits in the future. A college degree also provides better jobs and a higher salary.
What does Delta College offer?
Delta College offer certificates, an AA degree, and transfer services. They also offer many services to students, such as the Career Transfer Center and Disability Support Programs.
Which academic major interests you the most?
A psychology major interests me the most. A major that allows me to learn new things that I enjoy would interest me.
Why are you interested in this major?
I am interested in this major because I enjoy working with people and data. I like talking to people one on one and I also enjoy helping others.
How long will you be in college to reach your goal?
I would be in college until I receive a Master 's degree in order to reach my goal. A higher degree would benefit me with high pay and job opportunities.
How often is it suggested for you to see a counselor?
It is usually suggested to see a counselor at least once a semester. If more counseling is needed, a person can see a counselor as many times they would

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