Stretching And Performance Essay

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Acute and Chronic Effects of Stretching on Strength Dependent Performance
Training programs for athletes often include both strength and flexibility exercises. Increasing strength is believed to increase athletic performance, while a minimal degree of flexibility, which varies between sports, is fundamental for optimal performance. Additionally, many authors and clinicians advise that stretching beyond this minimal needed flexibility prior to the main physical activity will reduce the risk of injury, improve performance , and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) (Beaulieu, 1981) (Shellock & Prentice, 1985) (Stamford, 1984) (Safran, Seaber, & Garrett, 1989).. However, these claims are controversial. Thus, the purpose of this review is to determine the effects of stretching beyond the minimal needed flexibility for an
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Thus similar results that were observed across studies, and studies designs, stretching beyond the minimum required flexibility for an activity prior to strength related activities are likely either non-effective and increasing performance or detrimental. Additionally, the longer a stretch was held per set to increase the likelihood of decreases and subsequent performance.
Chronic Effects of Stretching on Strength Performance The chronic effects of stretching on strength performance are less studied then the acute effects on performance. Chronic effects of stretching take time, typically three and eight weeks to become apparent. The time in which chronic stretching took place is often unknown. However, on the days of strength dependent performance testing, no stretching occurred prior to testing. Therefore, it is important to remember that the observed effects from chronic stretching come from a limited number of studies.
The Effects Isotonic, the Symmetric and Isokinetic Strength

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