Vandalism In Street Art

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A message for everyone to see. A message that would normally not be socially acceptable, but is it vandalism? Graffiti stands out from other forms of artwork, not only in it’s style, but also in it’s public message as well as it’s agenda. Street art breaks the rules. It broadcasts information that people would be afraid to say or would possibly make someone uncomfortable. But is this a good thing? Is it now tolerated? Graffiti has existed dating back to ancient times of 18,000 B.C. However, todays modern street art began to surface around the late 1960s and the early 1970s. And now a growing number of individuals would consider Graffiti to be like any other form of art, whether it was legally or illegally put on the walls around us.10 This …show more content…
This form of street art is known as ‘Throw-up’ or ‘throwie’. As you can see in figure 7, this form requires two colors and is typically done by bubbling the letter to give off a three-dimensional appearance. The ‘throwie’ street art is typically done quickly because these artists are usually trying to not get caught and it is a noticeable way for street artist to get their names out there. Basically, the artist takes their tag and make it wider and wider, outline it which results into the …show more content…
Many of his pieces look similar to Banksy as far as style. I love that for one of his shows he called it “Art is not peace, but War!” (figure 12).6 The name is very fitting as many of the graffiti artist have to fight to get their work out there. Here is the hard question. Is graffiti art vandalism? I believe that graffiti is now breaking through the cracks. It is now acceptable in many form opposed to thirty or so years ago where they were spending fortunes to cover the ‘vandalisms’. Since it is now socially acceptable I feel like before you spray you should first get permission. Many businesses and building owners are starting to pay to have murals down on their buildings. So why not get paid for your efforts instead of having someone come by in a week or so and cover it

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