The Artist Rosembert's If Walls Could Talk

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You see it on sidewalks, walls, trains, and in public bathrooms. You’ve never put much thought into graffiti. Some graffiti you see can be funny and welcoming, while others can be crude and racist. The Oxford Dictionary defines graffiti as being, “writings or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or in a public place,” while other people argue that it’s not illegal and is art. Which side of the story is correct? Is graffiti art or vandalism?
Graffiti is a way for people to express themselves and it also can inspire people to make changes for the better. In “If Walls Could Talk,” The artist Rosembert shows how he feels about specific things that happen in Haiti. Rosembert’s first attempt at social graffiti was whenever
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But because graffiti is becoming more world-widely accepted, it has become a way to honor people who have done significant things in their lives to change the world for better. Places such as New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, and many others have used graffiti to honor Martin Luther King, such as showing him as a statesman, visionary, hero, or martyr. He appears in alleyways, along with other famous dreamers such as Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, and Harriet Tubman. He is often also pictured with Obama. “A local resident explained the pairing by saying, ‘Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so all of us could fly’.” …show more content…
Graffiti is a second-degree felony if the damage caused is in excess of $5,000, a third degree felony if the damage caused is in excess of $1,000, class A misdemeanor if the damage caused is equal to or in excess of $300, and a class B misdemeanor if the damage caused is less than $300. The court, upon conviction or a formal decision, can order the victim to give the amount of money needed to make up for the amount of damage she/he had done. An additional amount of $1,000 dollars will be included into the fee if the graffiti is on an overpass or underpass, requires that traffic be interfered with in order to remove it, or if the graffiti requires additional assistance to remove it safely. If the person who is responsible for the graffiti takes it down him/herself, he/she may be credited for the removal and the additional $1,000 may be

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