Know Your Graffiti Art Vandalism Analysis

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Martinez, José. “Know Your Graffiti: Art, Vandalism or Gang Device?” Home, 12 Mar. 2012, 12:11pm, Jose Martinez goes over how you can tell the difference between art work and gang tagging. He interviewed an LA police officer and a gang member on how exactly they represent gangs and their territory. Jose also says how gangs tag where people can read it and understand it. Jose mentions how gang tagging "is legible to the naked eye." This article also goes into a little bit of depth about what they mean and how they can be creative with where they tag.
This can be repeated. All the things mentioned in this article about where and how the graffiti markings are at can be replicated on the east coast, west coast and all over the USA. This article also contains an interview with a police and gang member to further add on to their sources.
The truth is within the graffiti. You know when a gang is in the area and you also know what the message is by the way they make it easy to read. Each gang (as said in the article) puts their tags up in different places but make sure it is visible so people know who is in the area. Valdez, Al. “Decoding the Secret Messages on the Wall.” Police Magazine,
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"Gang Graffiti: A Community Threat."Https:// IN Gang Networks, n.d. Web. This gives an insight on the purpose of gang graffiti and youth in gang graffiti. It states facts such as "85% of graffiti vandals are males" and also states the ages that are usually associated with gang graffiti and how we can prevent youth from participating in this type of gang activity. This can be studied all over the world to see whether or not the facts add up or not. The facts given in this can be studied all over the world to see whether the facts add up or not but the facts given seem to compare with other given in different

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