The Importance Of Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning is imperative in an organization. Strategic planning is a process of defining the organizational strategy and providing a direction. Through the strategic planning process, it is easy to make decisions on how the resources in an organization will be used. Strategic planning also provides guidelines on how the process of strategic implementation will be implemented. The strategic planning is mainly determined by resources available in the company and the priorities that the company has. Strategic planning involves different models such as the basic model, issue-based model, alignment, scenario model and the self-organizing model. No one size fits in strategic planning, and it is, therefore, advisable for an organization to …show more content…
The issue-based model is a deeper approach that is often used by organizations, which have experience in strategic planning. It is a more detailed process of strategic planning. The basic model also demonstrates differences from the alignment model (Tella, 2015). The alignment model ensures that the organization goals are aligned with the resources that the company has at hand. On the other hand, the Basic approach is different from the scenario model, which is used in the identification of strategic issues and goals. The scenario-planning model enables the stakeholders to have a different view of situations in a calm …show more content…
It is so easy to use this model even if the management does not have any prior experience strategic planning; they can still set their strategies using the basic model (Tella, 2015). On the other hand, the basic planning model compels me because it only involves a few steps that are systematic and easy to use. The steps that it applies are very significant, and it is very easy to achieve the strategic plans of the organization. Additionally, the basic planning also includes the idea of monitoring as one of the key steps in the process. The monitoring and evaluation process is very significant in strategic planning because it enables the organization to assess its performance and make improvements. Its simplicity also enables the organization to make plans within a very short time (Tella, 2015).
On the other hand, the Basic model is also compelling because it can apply to all organizations irrespective of their size. It is a model that can be used in all organizations whether they are beginners or whether they have been in existence for some time. It can also apply to organizations, which have a lot of resources (Tella,

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