The Rhetorical Analysis Of President Obama's Speech

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While President Obama is giving his speech at Michigan’s graduation ceremony he starts off by trying to relate to the American people by having to do normal everyday things like commuting in traffic. Obama also wants to connect with the American public by telling them that he reads their letters every day to show them that he is a part of them and not in control of them. He has a progressive mentality when opening up his speech. He is reaching out to the hearts and minds of the average person by telling a heartwarming story about a kid in kindergarten and asking him if people are nice to him. When Obama says “there are some things that we can only do together, as a nation- and that our government must keep pace with the times” I believe that …show more content…
Obama is also great at connecting what he is doing in the White House with people’s emotions, their ethical morality, and their logical thought process. At the beginning of this speech he opened it up with talking about commuting, visiting teachers, and reading letters from all ages of students and even kindergarteners from school. By Obama talking about this, it lets people know and understand that he is just like everyone else and Obama understands that giving a speech like that usually finds a way to people’s emotions. He then spoke of past presidents and the marvelous achievements that happened under their candidacy. He was doing this to set up his statements about affordable health care and why it’s receiving so much negative attention. However, in speaking about the healthcare plan he was speaking to people’s logic and trying to have them understand why government is necessary and why we need government to protect us. Although, when the American people start talking negatively about government run program and interventions, Obama had a way to make people feel as if it might be unethical to speak about the government that

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