Role-Play Analysis: Motivational Therapy Model

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Introduction The Role-Play Analysis was a very interesting assignment. It allowed us, as novice practitioners to practice skills that were taught throughout the semester. The following are therapy models that were covered: Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused and Interpersonal Therapy Models.
RP 1 Motivational Interviewing:
A strength that I noticed throughout the video was my ability to actively listen to Wendy and reflect her feelings or what I believed she felt and then I asked her to ensure that I was correct. For example, Wendy opened the session stating that she was lost and basically did not know what to do. Wendy’s facial expressions lead me to believe she was merely confused about feelings she was experiencing.
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I communicated to Wendy what I felt she meant and asked for clarity on different occasions. An example was when I spoke with Wendy about making herself her own number one priority. I also noticed that my non-verbal skills with the head nods allowed Wendy to notice that I was interested in what she had to say. When I asked Wendy, what she could do to gain her identity back that was my way of asking an evoking question to allow Wendy to describe steps to take to build her own solution. Another strength that I had is to ask for permission to continue the session after going over the confidentiality. I believe I normalized Wendy’s situation well by letting her know that the feelings she was experiencing were normal for caregivers. I also believe I did a good job with speaking to Wendy about the Miracle Question and allowing her to imagine her life with her solutions in …show more content…
This allowed Wendy to know that our session was important. There were several open-ended questions that were asked. For example, I asked Wendy how it made her feel when her family stepped back from asking her to participate in different activities with them. When Wendy became emotional during the session, I expressed that she could take her time. I felt that I did well with enhancing Wendy’s social support by focusing on the relationship she had with her mother. During the circle of relationships activity, Wendy reported she wanted her mother to move towards the intimate circle. That showed she wanted to be closer to her mother, therefore, I used the relationship between her and her mother as a focal

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