What The Client 's Presenting Problem? Essay

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Does it ask all of the necessary questions to determine what the client’s presenting problem is? Yes, the intake form does ask the necessary questions for the presenting problem. First, the client is asked to describe the problem specifically, how long the problem has been occurring, and precipitating events that may have led to this problem. Next, these are key questions because they make the client think in more specific terms. It is necessary to help the client think about the problem instead of giving a general answer, such as, “I am feeling depressed.”
Are there too many or too few questions? In this first section of this intake form it only asks for client’s name and the date. This is quite problematic for the initial process of meeting a client. First, the form does not ask for the client’s age or gender. It would become obvious to the social worker about the client’s gender. However, the age of the client would not be known so the social worker would have to ask. Now this may help in building rapport by asking a simple question or two before delving into the problem but it is still necessary to know right away.
Also, in this first section, it does not ask for the client’s ethnicity or anything related to their cultural background. This is necessary for a social worker to know because different cultures perceive and react to situations differently. Some cultures view counselor’s with suspicion. As a result, the client may be guarded and may not be…

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