Why Do People Clean Water?

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Water 4 Life
Water is a basic human necessity and a vital natural resource for all phases of life. Unfortunately today, more than a billion people lack access to safe drinking water.
Consider these:
• Thirty percent of the world does not have enough water to drink or wash with.
• More than two million children are dying every year from water related problems with increasing cases of cholera, dysentery and typhoid.
• Seven billion people in 60 countries will face water shortage by the year 2050.
In order to combat water shortages and reduce associated diseases Living Waters Technology embarked on a provision of clean water using Berkey Water System and Seychelle Water Filtration, which
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You will find people using Berkey water filters all over the world in almost in any every type of circumstances. Because this helps to lower so many pathogens, it is best for any situation.

What Is the Berkey Water System?
The Berkey water filter system is an evolution of the technology that was developed almost 200 years ago. Henry Doulton developed ceramic filters for removing bacteria from drinking Water in 1827 in Britain.

The Berkey water System is the most advanced gravity drip system available. It run without power and does not require any electricity. As far as there is gravity, it can filter and can clean any kind of water, tasty drinking water. You do not require hiring a plumber to install this water purification
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If you are currently looking for a new water filter, then you might be aware that there are many choices out there, and a variety of brands with varying quality.
Outdoor Berkey System
One of the largest issues that many people may tend to face when they are travelling is that of having enough clean drinking water every day. This is particularly true for those who mostly travel to remote areas or locations where there might not be a very less available source of safe drinking water. While for others, it might be a challenge to have water on hand if you are travelling in a motor home or a caravan. Whatever the situation is, having to worry about where you’ll find water can result in a lot of wasted travel time! This is where a portable size water filter can mean all the difference.
What is the Outdoor Berkey Water Filter?
This is a compact sized water filter from the well known company Berkey. This filter is based on the design of their larger water filters, the difference is that Berkey Water Filter is more compact form that is suited for travelling, as well as being used in hotels, motor homes, and other places where space is at a portability is desired or

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