Sexual Dimorphism In Human Development

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` Human Sexual dimorphism as its basic element of identity is genetically determined and determines the natural path of social development and cultural heritage. Complementarity of the morphological phenotype characteristics and behavioral of the men and women is part of the genetic program of human nature-oriented implementation of the basic tasks to fulfill in life, which is to have offspring, which in turn is, related to its fertility. This consists of the ability to produce germ cells, the possibility of the woman 's body and a man to accomodate procreation by meeting an egg with sperm accomplished with entering information in the matter of the genetic ancestors of the new life of a human being. The next step is to secure the proper conditions for the development of the child in the mother 's body from conception to birth and after birth implementation of maternity and paternity in the formation of the family and bringing up children and their care environment to the period of achieving the independence of children.
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Sperm containing the Y chromosome with a properly functioning SRY gene determines male gender, and if contains the genetic material of the X chromosome is shaped female.
The presence of the SRY gene is the basic criterion of gender gene in humans. Discovered in 1990 by a group of P. Goodfellow from the University of Cambridge ,SRY gene is called the "central switch of the masculinity" and is located on the short arm of the Y chromosome locus

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