Sexual abuse

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  • Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Image taken from (HAVOCA) One of the most important questions a victim of childhood sexual abuse, their family, friends and society in general faces when dealing with the aftermath of child sexual abuse is: whether the victim is doomed to be maladjusted and grow up to be an adult sexual offender?, it is a fact that at least 30% of adult sex offenders were sexually abused as children and/or teens, (Myths and Facts about Sex Offenders). Most sexual offenders have no history of being sexually victimized as a child, which is good news, which means the prevalence for sexual deviancy does not originate solely from victims of childhood sexual abuse. “Most victims of childhood sexual abuse do not go on to become child molesters. However, sexual…

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  • Sexual Abuse In The Catholic Church

    in the last several decades, it has ironically been, a living hell. 1 Corinthians 6:18 states: “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” Despite Christian belief placing high emphasis on sexual morality, and members of the Catholic Priesthood being required to take an oath of celibacy, hundreds of cases of sexual abuse, mainly with minors, have been reported against the Catholic Church in the last decade…

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  • Sexual Abuse Effects

    More often than not, disclosing the truth about their traumatizing experiences can be just as damaging as the sexual abuse itself. Victims of sexual abuse are afraid of the consequences that may arise once the truth of the abuse has been revealed. This fear is what causes them to refuse help from professionals, professionals that are trained specifically to help with this type of abuse. They are afraid that once they feel comfortable enough to admit the truth, the reactions would be of…

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  • Antwone Sexual Abuse

    Sexual Abuse. Antwone’s babysitter Willenda repeated sexual abuse and molestation on him. When in her care, Willenda would make Antwone come downstairs. She would take his clothes off, smack him around, and make him give oral sex to her. It was a continuous nightmare to him that made him terrified of woman. Finkelhor and Brown (1985) suggest that sexual abuse has four types of traumatic sexualization, betrayal, powerlessness, and stigmatization. Traumatic sexualization is the result of a child’s…

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  • Holli's Sexual Abuse

    Holli was Sexually Abused Holli had always been outgoing, never showed anything was wrong, but never loved having a boyfriend. While sitting in a church group circle, during her junior year, she told us that as freshmen she had been sexually abused. All teenagers who are scared to love were usually sexually abused. Love is a common thing to be scared of growing up, but for some it’s even harder. “She is never there for you because she does not know how to be close, how to trust, how to belong,…

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  • Sexual Abuse In Childhood

    According to from the National surveys shows that 9-28% of women had experienced some type of sexual abuse or assault in childhood. It is a fact that effects of the sexual abuse cause devastating effects on children and a risk factor for the development of adult psychopathology (CSA) . The study that had been done at the University of Manitoba and St. Boniface General Hospital Research Center studied the reduced hippocampal volume in victims of psychological trauma with post- traumatic stress…

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  • Sexual Abuse Theory

    Child sexual abuse has been defined as “unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent.” (American Psychological Association, n. d., para 1). Child sexual abuse has been extensively studied and many models have been developed which attempt to provide a comprehensive context or framework to explain the reasoning behind these offences. Ward, Polaschek and Beech (2006, pp.12) outline three main levels of theories.…

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  • Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Psychological Study

    effect of sexual abuse as studied by psychology- describe how sexual abuse alters cognitive development through the basic trends in research in sexual abuse in childhood in general. Different behaviors that can be attributed from childhood sexual abuse have been identified. These developed Behaviors include: domestic violence & continued sexual abuse, accordingly connect to religious identity then into a worldview. Also the effects of Spirituality Individual differences in secular worldview…

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  • Sexual Abuse Trauma

    Sexual abuse is unwanted or inappropriate sexual contact, either verbal or physical, between two or more people that is intended as an act of control, power, rage, violence, and intimidation with sex as a weapon. Sexual abuse can range from inappropriate seductive behavior and sexual touching to sexual intercourse. Sexual abuse includes rape, gang rape, date rape, partner or spouse rape, and incest. In the United States alone, a woman is raped every six minutes, in three women and one in six…

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  • Causes Of Child Sexual Abuse

    Sexual abuse is a prominent problem occurring in our society everyday. Sexual abuse can be defined as any sexual activity that is not consented by the victim. The perpetrator may use force, make threats, or take advantage of those that cannot give consent. In nearly all cases, the victim knows the perpetrator (Sexual Abuse, 2014). The sexual abuse of children specifically has become an immense concern in the community. Shocking statistics reveal that approximately 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys…

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