Sexual abuse

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  • Sexual Abuse Reflection

    On Thursday, September 17, 2015, I attended one of the Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) Educational Program workshops. The topic of the training workshop was Taking Responsibility: We Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse spoken by Joelle Casteix who is an advocate of child sexual abuse prevention. I would like to address some of the information I have learned through this workshop in regard to child sexual abuse. One of the first statements Joelle mentioned was that child sexual abuse has nothing to do with sex and the victim of sexual abuse is never to blame for the assault. Predator “grooms” victim by targeting “weak” or “compliant” child and those with low self-esteem. Although victim feels confused, she does not tell about the experience because…

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  • The Importance Of Sexual Abuse Of A Child

    Sexual abuse of a child can be a hard topic to talk about, but it 's a serious topic. Child molestation is a form of child abuse typically committed by an adult or older adolescent, male or female, that is done for one’s sexual gratification. I believe that anyone who is convicted of this heinous crime should spend the rest of their lives behind bars. The physical and emotional effects on victims can have a huge impact on their lives. The experience can give victims a significant amount of…

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  • Child Sexual Abuse In Society

    Child abuse is looked down upon in our society. There are various forms of child abuse; however the most prominent form has been sexual child abuse. According to Finkelhor (1994) child sexual abuse requires two elements: the first is that sexual activities involving a child have to occur, and second, an abusive condition such as coercion or a large age gap between the participants, indicating lack of consensuality has to occur (p. 32). Since child sexual abuse is something that deviates away…

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  • Sexual Abuse Case Study

    Historically, due to cultural family values, society denied child sexual abuse. What we now identify as abuse was not always thought of as abuse. For instance in 18th-century London people thought a cure for venereal disease was to have sexual relations with a child (Olafson, Corwin, & Summit, 1993).Victims of sexual abuse in American work were thought of as sexual aberrants or participating victims (Gordon, 1988; Schlossman & Wallach, 1978; Weiss, Rogers, Darwin, & Dutton, 1955 as cited in…

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  • The Term Effects Of Sexual Abuse

    Sexual abuse is a prominent problem occurring in our society everyday. Sexual abuse can be defined as any sexual activity that is not consented by the victim. The perpetrator may use force, make threats, or take advantage of those that cannot give consent. In nearly all cases, the victim knows the perpetrator (Sexual Abuse, 2014). The sexual abuse of children specifically has become an immense concern in the community. Shocking statistics reveal that approximately 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys…

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  • Psychological Effects Of Sexual Abuse Essay

    effect of sexual abuse as studied by psychology- describe how sexual abuse alters cognitive development through the basic trends in research in sexual abuse in childhood in general. Different behaviors that can be attributed from childhood sexual abuse have been identified. These developed Behaviors include: domestic violence & continued sexual abuse, accordingly connect to religious identity then into a worldview. Also the effects of Spirituality Individual differences in secular worldview…

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  • Psychological Effects Of Sexual Abuse

    as the sexual abuse itself. Victims of sexual abuse are afraid of the consequences that may arise once the truth of the abuse has been revealed. This fear is what causes them to refuse help from professionals, professionals that are trained specifically to help with this type of abuse. They are afraid that once they feel comfortable enough to admit the truth, the reactions would be of humiliation and disbelief. “A disclosure that is met with a dismissive, disbelieving, nonsupportive, [sic]…

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  • Sexual Abuse Prevention

    Child abuse is a big problem we face in our society. There are many type of abuse. Some forms are easy to detect by physical markings. Yet, other forms are very hard to identify because there may not be any markings or bruising out in the open. The physical markings are hidden in places where a teacher, parent, and friends won’t see. Sexual abuse is defined by the APA as “unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give…

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  • Consequences Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Introduction Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a key social problem in our society that has led to many repercussions for survivors. Those survivors face many potentially harmful consequences as a result of their childhood abuse, both in their childhood years and into their adult life (Swogger et al. 2011; Reeve and Gool, 2013). The consequences vary depending on gender, the circumstances surrounding their abuse and the level of support and services available to survivors to combat potential…

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  • Sexual Abuse In Battlefronts

    CHAPTER THREE – THREE MAJOR BATTLEFRONTS The author’s definition of battlefronts is the common sexual issues that can hinder a man’s journey towards God’s gift of sexual success. If the reader is not experiencing these battles then this chapter can provide insight to help others. Battlefront 1 – Abuse Besides sexual abuse, the author has included two other forms – physical and emotional. “To be a whole man your soul must be healed from past pain as much as possible.” (p. 36) In self-protection a…

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