Psychological Effects Of Sexual Abuse Essay

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The psychological effect of sexual abuse as studied by psychology- describe how sexual abuse alters cognitive development through the basic trends in research in sexual abuse in childhood in general. Different behaviors that can be attributed from childhood sexual abuse have been identified. These developed Behaviors include: domestic violence & continued sexual abuse, accordingly connect to religious identity then into a worldview. Also the effects of Spirituality Individual differences in secular worldview ordinarily show religion in relation to the intrinsic vs. extrinsically religious view. Finally the religious fundamentalism and worldview are concluded into the relationship between religion and worldview.

The Spiritual
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Other dissociative symptoms include anxiety, depression, social isolation, and self-destructive behavior, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, consequently led to other various physiological changes. Even different psychiatric symptoms have been connected to the child abuse experiences with the development of dissociative disorders. In a study conducted of 100 patients, with a history of multiple personality disorder, 97% of them were also discovered to have a history of child sexual abuse (Putnam et al, 1986).
Now traumatic or even painful events can have a reduced effect for a person through dissociative alterations in their perception of the event. Even more interesting the hypothesis for the connection of dissociates symptoms of childhood sexual abuse, people was tested females inpatients. Some of the women were sexually abused as children, some were not. The childhood abuse showed to be in high prevalence for the patients. The population group was 98 total patients, between the ages of 18-60. Most of the patients reported to be victims of childhood abuse, a total of 36% of the reported abuse was sexual. The childhood abuse was thought to be linked to their current psychiatric problems. Again a high rate of those psychiatric problems was dissociative symptoms and post-traumatic stress disorder (Chu, & Dill,
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These dynamics occur for the person out of the traumatic event of the abuse. The synchrony of the four different dynamics is in the unique trauma set from the childhood sexual abuse. Also each of these dynamics change the child’s emotional as well as their cognitive orientation in their place in the world. The child receives a distorted conception of how to behave is consequently leading a vague view of what is right and wrong. These misconceptions stay with the child, that later affect them in their adult life (Finkelhor, & Browne,

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