Individual Media Case Study: Jane Villanueva

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Individual Media Case Study Based off the show “Jane the Virgin”, Jane Gloriana Villanueva is a 28-year-old female that is the second-generation Latin American in her family. Jane identifies as a straight woman and is currently a widow to her husband, Michael Cordero Jr. The client is a full-time worker at the local city’s hotel, where she participates in tasks such as, bartending, serving, and cleaning hotel rooms. The client goes to college full-time to receive her degrees in teaching and creative writing. Since the age of 13, Jane has had a strong spiritual belief and identifies as a Catholic. Her spiritual beliefs are deeply rooted in her family background due to her grandmother who is a practicing Latin Orthodox Catholic. The traditional …show more content…
Her cultural background may also play a role into the symptoms and emotions that are exhibited. Since the client has a strong connection with family members and prides herself on happy relationships with others, she may experience more distress due to her beliefs of failure towards her child and husband’s safety. Jane is more likely to experience panic attacks that are associated with her posttraumatic stress disorder due to her nationality and the higher risk of panic symptoms for individuals who identify as Latin American. She is experiencing signs of reoccurring nightmares based off her husband’s death and child’s kidnapping, report physiological reactions towards the events that occurred during the events, avoidance of certain environments that remind her of the traumas, and negative beliefs about herself. The client feels that these traumatic occurrences in her life are due to her relationship discussions and the idea that she is an unfit mother. Jane’s symptoms towards the traumatic events have also included irritable behavior, problems with sleep, concentration difficulties, self-destructive behaviors, and hypervigilance. The client has difficulties with strangers and/or certain family members holding/touching her child, she has become more aware of her environments in order to keep herself and her son safe, and is easily startled. Jane seems to be experiencing extreme psychological and physiological distress from the traumatic experiences. Due to her age, the client may experience more drastic emotions towards her trauma, such as crying spells, sleep problems, and

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