Borderline Personality Disorder In Childhood

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Often times people do not realize the lifelong damage the smallest action could have on a child. Borderline personality disorder is a topic that has been researched for a number of years now and the more research they have done the more it has progressed from just finding out what exactly this disorder is, but starting to look into what could potentially be considered a cause. Much of the research has found links between child abuse and borderline personality disorder in early adulthood all the way into late adulthood. Various studies have been done where they are looking at the effects of child maltreatment, sexual abuse and trauma and the links with borderline personality disorder. The research that will be focused in on is, childhood abuse …show more content…
Most authors accept Maria Rita Infurna et al.'s definition of BPD. Many authors have found connections between BPD and early childhood trauma or child abuse. Some authors have identified other possible causes for BPD. Many authors disagree about what child abuse is exactly or what could play a role in the development of personality disorders. Authors have noticed several problems with trying to relate BPD to childhood abuse directly or trying to prove a relationship. None the less there is evidence of some relationship between childhood abuse and BPD if there is more research done on this specific topic the relationship could be viewed differently. The history of BPD research is fairly young, it has only in recent years gotten more attention. BPD has only been discovered recently so there has not been much research done on the topic and for the most part, it is still unknown what exactly causes BPD and whether or not you can inherit the gene for …show more content…
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