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  • The Importance Of Handling Metals

    Metal plays a key role in development and it is the backbone for the manufacturing industry. For years, various metal have been extracted from the mineral ore found in nature, but with the time high grade ore have is getting depleted and the option at left with us is to processing low grade ore which makes recovery process expensive. In such scenario recycling metals seems a lucrative option as it helps environment by reducing the amount of scrap or waste material getting disposed into landfills. Typical source of scrap comes from the end of life products like cars, household equipment, electronic components, and waste products generated during the manufacturing process which constitutes a mixture of ferrous, nonferrous, semiconductors, plastic,…

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  • Case Study Of Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited

    The vision of one man, Mr. Laxman rao Kirloskar which is being respected worldwide for engineering excellence, can be traced to have its beginning of having cast the casting of a humble plough. All though the passing years, the Kirloskar group has had a long & close relationship with the foundry business with several group units specialization in the manufacture of high quality ferrous & non-ferrous casting. Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited was born with the unique…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Scrap Metal

    1. Take Advantage of the Non ferrous scrap metal recycling services In the industries and factories, the production is done on a larger scale. During the manufacturing process, there is a lot of metal that becomes waste which is loitered in the surroundings. The non-ferrous scrap metal refers to scrap metal that includes copper, aluminum, lead, titanium, cobalt, zinc, nickel, cobalt, titanium, and cobalt. Usually, the non-ferrous metal scrap is generated from a wide range of the commercial,…

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  • Unexploded Ordnance Research Paper

    marine subsurface with ease by creating a string of data that can easily be interpreted over a large area. These magnetometers (boom-mounted) are set on the aircraft directly or even on a tow cable. Over the years they have gotten significantly better and are now able to detect smaller UXO’s. In the early years of airborne magnetics they could only reliably detect the bigger UXO’s as they were more easily identifiable due to their size and their strong magnetic density contrast. The new boomer…

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  • Ionic Bonding Essay

    2. RESEARCH ON THE STRUCTURE OF METALS AND TYPES OF BONDING. What are metals? 24% of our planet’s mass is metal. They are used as mainly because of their properties; metals are strong, ductile, have high melting points and are excellent conductors of electricity. Other properties of metals are given below: • Can be made stronger by alloys and heat treatment. • Easily machined. • Most of them are heavy. • Susceptible to corrosion. Metals can be divided into two; Ferrous and Non-ferrous. Ferrous…

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  • Si Units: The Standard International Metric System Of Conmetry

    (Kg) x velocity^2 (m/s) Energy unit is joules ( J ) Mechanical Power (see page 66 for eg) Mechanical power = fs / t = PE / t = KE / t = fv f = Force s = displacement (m) t = time (s) V = electrical potential PE= potential energy KE= Kinetic energy Materials: (chapter 1 of rochford book) Classification of materials All engineering materials are usually classified into 4 main groups; 1. Metals- In general metals have high electrical and thermal conductivities. Can be ductile and have…

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  • Describe The Industrial Welding Process

    Welding There are 5 main types of welding process commonly used in industrial welding. They are; Gas Metal Arc Welding, oxy acetylene, Gas Tungsten arc welding, flux core, and Shielded metal arc welding. All welding procedures are important and useful for a variety of things. Welding is the process by which two or more pieces of metal are joined or metal has material added to it to fill a hole. Welding process work by heating the base metal, or the material being on, to a liquid state. They…

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  • Kalpataru Power Transmission Case Study

    Since metals are bought in bulk, direct dealing with the manufacturers of the metals happens without any intermediaries. Mainly two kinds of metals are bought: ferrous and non- ferrous. The Ferrous metals are metals or alloys, which contain iron in significant quantities (e.g. steel, stainless steel etc.) .The manufacturers of steel, hold immense power due to the powerful nature of the steel industry. They have the power to set prices and the power transmission sector is not their largest…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of MRI Scans

    more pain, and money, to have the tattoo removed, when she could have avoided getting the tattoo in the first place. One writer makes this claim: “Clearly, the trauma, expense, and morbidity associated with excision of the tattoo far exceed those that may be associated with ferromagnetic tattoo interactions” (Shellock 314). In the article “Tattooed: A Participant Observer’s Exploration of Meaning,” Shannon Bell suggests that, for women, tattoos may express a macho tolerance of pain (104).…

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  • Analysis Of Tris Hcl, L-Ascorbic Acid

    In a test tube, 3 mL DPPH working solution was mixed with 100 μL plant extract (1 mg/mL) or the standard solution. The absorbance was measured at 517 nm for a period of 30 min. The percent antioxidant or radical scavenging activity was calculated using the following formula: %Antioxidant activity = [(Ac − As)/Ac] × 100 where, Ac and As are the absorbance of control and sample, respectively. The control contained 100 μL methanol in place of the plant sample. Frap assay: A simple, automated…

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