The Meaning Of Feminism Theory And Michael Foucault

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This essay will discuss the meaning behind the Feminist Social Theory from various sources on definitions and explanations. Following this it will also conduct the understandings within the workings on Marxism theories and Michael Foucault. With their theories behind their own meanings and understandings on Feminism Social Theory. However, with comparison to the workings of famous Feminist sociologist, Simone de Beauvior, being well known feminist theorist and being engaged within feminist politics. A lot of the workings and theories of Marxism and Foucault will be proven unethical from various sources providing the evidence and from personal opinion. This essay will give the seemingly unknowledgeable with some help from Marxism,
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Women on one side are looking at Marxism in discovering the causes with our oppression, to which mainly due to the forms their lives women have had to take in class society giving both men and women have been oppressed by the ruling class (Guettel, 1981 p. 2). Oppressions are gained within the social organizations though which one class and until the means of production are owned in common, no oppression, whether class, national, race, or sex will be eradicated from our society (Guettel, 1981 p.2). Marxism believes that the main contradiction isn’t between man and women, but the forces of production and reproduction (Guettel, 1981 p.2). Capitalism tried to use reproduction, sexuality, masculine- feminine socialization of children in a way as to make us more exploitable, not to satisfy human needs (Guettel, 1981 …show more content…
When we think of Marxist within the feminist social theory it brings that motion of a struggle towards liberation (Jenness, 1972 p. 18). Mainly on how Marx expresses how every female would be forced to reproduce as ordered (Jenness, 1972 p. 19), Marxism argues how society is fundamentally constructed of the relations people form as they do and make things needed to survive humanly (MacKinnon, 1982 p. 515). Feminist believe that Marxism is male dominated and male defined (MacKinnon, 1982 p. 518) – giving them the understand and notion that analysing society exclusively in class terms ignores the distinctive social experiences of the sexes, obscuring women 's unity (MacKinnon, 1982 p.518). To most feminist’s Marxism is full of ‘bourgeois’ (Ehrlich, 1986 p.5) but to most new socialist feminists have been trying in all manner of inventive ways to come towards a simple understanding another sociologist with an effective thought towards the Feminist Social Theory is Michael

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