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    The Dovre Witch was a hunchbacked old woman who wore a silver belt, birch-bark shoes, and a leather jacket. Her pipe was filled with moss and she begged from the very poorest. Even though she begged, she was in fact a very wealthy witch. The Dovre Witch had the ultimate power and if she wanted, she could strike fear into any peasant who failed to satisfy her needs. On this particular afternoon, Dovre Witch was feeling very irritable after she was denied her prized ham by the Countess Marta. As The Dovre Witch angrily made her way through the village; she could not have been in a worse state. Her teeth were on edge and her face was hot with rage. “How dare she disrespect me in that way,” the witch said to herself. Although she enjoyed giving the Count Marta what she rightfully deserved, she hadn’t received what she needed. The juice from ham that she was denied was a key ingredient she needed to finish making the scale of a dragon. While the Dovre Witch had the scale of a dragon, she needed the juice from a ham given to her by a kind heart of one of the wealthiest in the land to make the scale perfect. Why she needed this particular element immersed in the dragon scale, she didn’t know. All she knew was she was just doing as she was told. The Dovre Witch was one of the cruelest witches there ever was, but nothing like the three witches she had encountered the previous year. Not only did she need to finish perfecting this ingredient, but she had a number of other foul…

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    sister. Katherine was nicknamed the shrew and nobody wanted to marry her. With this in mind the father baptista puts a condition on biancas marriage, The condition is if bianca is to marry katherine must be married prior to bianca. Baptista also wishes for the two men to find tutors for his two daughters. Horensio and Germio belive this to be a horrid idea due to katherines attitude towords everyone, than they form a plan. Their plan is to band together to find tutors for the girls and to find…

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