Mass surveillance

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  • Axciom's Argument For Mass Surveillance

    Who wouldn’t spend a couple billion dollars if it meant that acts like 9/11 or large massacres could be avoided? Proponents of mass surveillance claim that they do just that. If systems like the NSA actually had a positive track record of doing this there may be far less retaliation to their disobedient methods. In 2013, a government review began on these surveillance programs and “That winter, a panel set up by Obama to review the NSA 's operations concluded that the agency had stopped no terrorist attacks.” (Bamford) If any other government agency that had existed for roughly 10 years had accomplished nothing they would most likely be removed. Instead the NSA receives billions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer’s money, just to spy on the very people that pay to keep it running. This level of mismanagement brings up many questions of what exactly is happening within the walls of NSA data centers. If the American people are spending billions of dollars and allowing the US government to break…

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  • Mass Surveillance Pros And Cons

    The American people are split over the idea of the NSA’s mass surveillance some say it prevented another attack like 9/11 from happening while others say it is unconstitutional and steals privacy from innocent Americans. Rewind a little bit the NSA started this surveillance shortly after 9/11/2001 when America was attacked by terrorists. At the time the program was kept secret to protect the NSA. They did this because they wanted to be able to try to prevent terror without backlash from the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Mass Surveillance

    all in the name of national security. Mass surveillance is already put in place and now they want to ban encryption. The government 's surveillance system and attempted overreach is unjustified and there is a way to make everyone better off. Part of the concern of privacy is is whether the government should have the ability to collect the personal data of everyone to detect terrorists. A system is already in place called the Mass Warrantless Surveillance Network. MWSN looks for, “atypical…

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  • Mass-Surveillance In George Orwell's 1984

    In a post- WWII society rampant with dystopian versions of the future, few novels capture the most evident dangers of totalitarianism and the exercising of mass-surveillance better than George Orwell’s 1984. Through examining Winston’s introspective moments while committing “thought crimes,” it is clear that institutionalized fear works to empower Big Brother by using party members own subconsciouses’ against themselves; a tactic which shows how the psychological impact of a surveillance state…

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  • Intangible Impacts Of Mass Surveillance On Society And Citizens

    The U.S. government has a long history of using various kinds of surveillance tools to monitor citizens’ activities. During the Cold War, the FBI ran a domestic counterintelligence program called COINTELPRO protect the national security from hostile foreign threats; however, the program evolved into an effort to suppress non-violent protest groups and political dissidents with an array of illegal activities (Hutchinson). COINTELPRO negatively influenced the Civil Rights and Black Power…

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  • Enemy Of The State Analysis

    (1650)The Governmental Abuse of Power: The Unethical Misuse of Satellite Surveillance Technology in Enemy of the State (1998) This film study will define the unethical misuse of satellite surveillance technology by the government in Enemy of the State (1998), which is a form of governmental abuse of the privacy and legal rights of the citizen. The use of satellite technology in this film defines the power of the National Security Agency (NSA) to observe and monitor the general public as a form…

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  • Essay On Government Surveillance

    Surveillance has presented numerous challenges to the right of privacy. There is a need to develop a high technology surveillance system that will come with great benefits without intrusion. With new advances in technology each day, it is becoming easier to communicate with each other. Yet with all these new forms of communication there have been unpleasant side effects, since this new advanced technology is not only for harmless interactions between one another it is also used to plot against…

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  • The Importance Of Privacy And National Security

    The lives of millions of people and their calls are all being monitored by machines that cannot tell the different between a terrorist and an average person. These machines are used to listen for keywords with algorithms that no one knows outside of the buildings that hold the surveillance centers. Even if you know that you are being monitored by the government and if you so happen to request the information about yourself they hold, it is simply impossible to do. Not only will these governments…

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  • The Importance Of Privacy

    Privacy is a concern for most people living in America. Although it is not explicitly stated in the Constitution, the right to privacy is acknowledged through several amendments such as the First Amendment (which protects the privacy of religion and speech) and the Fourth Amendment (which protects the privacy of people from unreasonable searches). The current shift to the digital age has forced people to watch their digital footprints in order to protect themselves from prying eyes. With the…

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  • National Security Agency Should Be Shut Down

    NSA surveillance, phone calls, messages, and any social networking record the individual actions by NSA. People tend to share their feelings and what they are doing openly on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, not everything is meant to be shared, some are too personal to share. The NSA collects personal data of the citizens such as being recorded in government surveillance cameras, collect phone numbers, activities, and movements on social networks. In the article,…

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