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  • A Story About The Body Analysis

    boy-likes-girl setting into a complex and sensitive situation in so few words. For example, the young composer “loved” the woman merely because of her outward physical shell and its relation to her artworks. He used her beauty and the beauty of her art to justify feelings of lust into an emotion of love. However, realism for the young composer sets in when the painter shares her secret. The secret is of her physical underlying body and her loss of both breasts. This event changes the premise of the boy-likes-girl storyline and transforms it. Personally reading the story, it seems that by the painter revealing her secret she presents herself with insecurity. The fact that she tells the young composer that she has had a double mastectomy exhibits this. She does not seem to want to undergo the trouble, embarrassment or possibility of rejection while the duration of allowing the man to “have her” in the intimate act of sex. The painter also seems to want to be honest and upfront with the young composer not only because she is self-conscious but also because she wants the young composer to have realistic expectations of her and her body to ensure a smooth night. During an initial reading of the story, the painter’s age is forgotten and the young composer is the obvious villain for his appalling shallowness in reading the line “…I don’t think I could.” It makes the painter seem like the poor victim of rejection and underappreciated as a person, simply because she…

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness

    were said to be the case of breast cancer. (Suchy:2012) In the 19th century, is when the average lifespan of women increased and breast cancer was considered a common disease. The first to surgically remove lymph nodes, breast tissue and chest muscle as a treatment for the disease were two surgeons, Jean Louis Petit and Benjamin Bell, from France and Scotland respectively. They were considered to perform the first successful treatment of breast cancer. (Health Central:2012) Soon after Petit and…

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  • Informative Speech About Breast Cancer

    The drugs get into the bloodstream and go throughout the cancer cells, this is called systemic chemotherapy which is most likely to lead to the loss of hair which is most unplessant to woman because of their physical appearence.Chemotherapy can be injected into your muscles also it can be placed on ur back in your spinal cord or take it oraly , this treatment helps to stop the cancer cell from growing .The drugs go into the bloodstream and go out through the cancer cells, this is called…

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  • Mastectomy Essay

    Results Conclusively cancer manifests itself in many forms within organisms, with different intensity levels. In the simplest of cases there is noninvasive breast cancer, where the cancer cells are essentially localized and remain there. On the other hand there is invasive breast cancer, where the cancerous cells spread (metastasize) throughout the body by using the bloodstream and lymphs. Most cancer patients are primarily treated for breast cancer with surgery by carrying out simple or…

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  • Double Mastectomy Analysis

    Breast cancer is a very common cancer and most people know someone who has been affected by this nasty disease. However, more and more women have been deciding to have a double mastectomy as part of their treatment even if they are at low risk to develop cancer in their other healthy breast. Some consider this a safe smart decision while others think that these women may be overreacting. In Double or Nothing the author Ginny Graves gives us the facts and opinions from doctors and survivors…

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  • Mastectomy: The Five Different Types Of Breast Cancer

    “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”(Arnold Schwarzenegger). This quote is a perfect example of how people with breast cancer should look at it. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the breast usually in the lining of the milk ducts or in the milk glands. Malignant means that it is cancerous. There are many different procedures but some keywords that may…

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  • Fanny Burney's Journal Description Of Her Mastectomy

    Regan Garey 11-11-15 Dr. Cox History of English Lit 236A Study Guide #10: Behn, Manly, Fielding, & Burney 5. Fanny Burney’s journal description of her mastectomy is incredibly graphic. What role do doctors play and why offer such a narration of an illness like breast cancer? From Fanny Burney’s journal description, we learn that there were “7 men and a nurse” that surrounded her during her surgery (Paragraph 23). However, even with all of these doctors present, readers also learn that only one…

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  • Four Stages Of Breast Cancer

    The breast and the nipple are removed, but not the underarm lymph nodes or muscle tissue. Hospitalization is not always needed, and if it is, they are normally released the next day. If the women has a high risk of breast cancer, the second breast is normally removed as well as a preventative procedure. Another type is the skin-sparing mastectomy. This is done when a women wants immediate reconstruction, but the nipple areola is still removed. It leaves as much of the breast tissue as…

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  • Causes Of Breast Cancer

    According to the American Cancer Association it states that,” Most women with breast cancer have some type of surgery as part of their treatment. Depending on the situation, surgery may be done for different reasons.” Having surgery as a treat is to remove as much as the cancer as possible, finding out whether the cancer has extended out to the lymph nodes in the underarm. Other forms of surgery are known as a lumpectomy and a mastectomy. A lumpectomy is when the breast that contains the cancer…

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  • Breast Cancer : A Common And Second Leading Cause Death Among Cancer

    Richa Sood NURS 6521 Advanced Pharmacology Walden University August 7, 2014 Breast cancer in women Breast cancer in women For the purpose of this assignment, I chose breast cancer as it is very common and second leading cause of death among cancers in United States, after heart disease. However, due to the improvement in drugs, technology, early detection and better understanding on the disease, the rates are declining as compare to the past. Some of the common risk factors that can…

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