Mastectomy Essay

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Conclusively cancer manifests itself in many forms within organisms, with different intensity levels. In the simplest of cases there is noninvasive breast cancer, where the cancer cells are essentially localized and remain there. On the other hand there is invasive breast cancer, where the cancerous cells spread (metastasize) throughout the body by using the bloodstream and lymphs. Most cancer patients are primarily treated for breast cancer with surgery by carrying out simple or modified mastectomy or modified radical mastectomy followed by adjuvant chemotherapy plus hormonal therapy depending on the case (Khan, Bahadur, Agarwal, Sehgal, & Das, 2010). Some cancer patients also receive the treatment of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. Surgery,
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Chemotherapy involves a chemical drug that eliminate cancer cells within the body. This chemical drug is given through an intravenous (IV) injection, which goes through the patient’s bloodstream and kills cancer cells. This drug can also affect other cells within a patient’s body which can cause them to feel very ill and often causes hair loss. A medical oncologist, which is a medical professional who deals with the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of cancer prescribes this drug in hope to cure or eliminate all cancer cells. Chemotherapy has resulted in successful tumor downstaging, enabling resection in most patients with inoperable disease and enabling many patients with large but operable tumors to undergo breast conserving surgery (But-Hadžić et al., 2010). Radiotherapy on the other hand involves a high energy x-ray treatment. These radiation treatments are prescribed by a radiation oncologist, which is a physician who specializes in radiation for the treatment of cancer. Unlike chemotherapy, radiotherapy does not travel through the bloodstream, it specifies in a specific location, as a result of which, it doesn’t have as many negative side effects as chemotherapy. Most cancer patients receive the treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy combined to get the best possible outcome. The optimal sequencing of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in breast …show more content…
For example, young women more often chose to receive chemotherapy due to clinical preferences and biological factors of the tumor (Boerman et al., 2014). Over the past 20 years, the prognosis for women diagnosed with breast cancer has improved significantly with recognition of the efficacy of multimodal therapy for reducing both local and distant recurrences (But-Hadžić et al., 2010). Although each breast cancer therapist has its own way of treating the disease, we believe that a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in accordance to surgery yield the highest long term remission rates in breast cancer patients. Chemotherapy alone yields a higher remission rate than radiotherapy, however there is a substantial number of recurrence with chemotherapy. (Tanioka et al., 2010). On the other hand, radiotherapy is often chosen as the primary form of treatment given that many carriers experience an immense sensitivity to chemotherapy (Steward, Gao, Taylor, & Margenthaler, 2014). In many cases the full removal of the breast tissue is recommended yet it doesn’t guarantee that the tumor won’t recur. Even after the breast has been fully removed, many individuals are to proceed with radiotherapy for the prescribed amount of time, in order to be fully eliminate the initial mass and make sure there aren’t fragments left

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