The Importance Of Mass Surveillance

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In the past 100 years technology has progressed at an astonishing rate. The human race has gone from hardly being able to fly a plane to traveling through the cosmos. Computers that used to fill entire warehouses now fit in the palm of people’s hands. The human race exists in a digital age, where many parts of life revolve around technology such as computers and cell phones. Data is constantly being collected in ways that the average person hardly even notices. Simply clicking on a website may add it to the digital cloud of advertisements that are tailored to fit your exact likes and dislikes. The analytics field is now a multi-billion dollar sector of business. The CEO of Axciom, a major data collection agency geared towards online advertisement, …show more content…
Who wouldn’t spend a couple billion dollars if it meant that acts like 9/11 or large massacres could be avoided? Proponents of mass surveillance claim that they do just that. If systems like the NSA actually had a positive track record of doing this there may be far less retaliation to their disobedient methods. In 2013, a government review began on these surveillance programs and “That winter, a panel set up by Obama to review the NSA 's operations concluded that the agency had stopped no terrorist attacks.” (Bamford) If any other government agency that had existed for roughly 10 years had accomplished nothing they would most likely be removed. Instead the NSA receives billions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer’s money, just to spy on the very people that pay to keep it running. This level of mismanagement brings up many questions of what exactly is happening within the walls of NSA data centers. If the American people are spending billions of dollars and allowing the US government to break the very Amendments that they are sworn to protect shouldn’t they demand some type of positive results or the closure of these

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