The Bridge Masculinity

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‘There are many different ways of being a man’
How far do you agree with this statement?

I strongly agree with the statement ‘There are many different ways of being a man’, as Miller represents masculinity through contrasting characters; such as Eddie and Rodolfo. Miller portrays Eddie Carbone, the protagonist of the play, as a traditional valued man. Eddie’s status as head of the Carbone household is apparent through his various statements such as “you’re savin’ their lives”, “now don’t get mad, kid” and “you – don’t – know – nothing’”. The forceful statements imply Eddie’s dominance as the head of the household, and suggest how he isn’t used to being questioned. Eddie represents the traditional dominant alpha male, as he isn’t questioned,
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This is apparent when he begins to lose the respect he holds dear. “I want my name” and “I want my respect” are both statements Eddie makes in attempts to win back him ‘masculinity’. To Eddie, it is apparent that he deems his worth as a man depending on how others perceive him. The desperation to get his “name” stresses on the importance of his masculinity to him. The author further emphasizes on Eddie’s masculinity by Eddie’s stubbornness, “don’t pity me” implicitly suggests Eddie’s need to fight for himself, perhaps in order to prove his worth as a man. However, Miller does present similar traits in the ‘more masculine’ characters Marco and Eddie. Both men are respected and have status within the longshoremen. “Nobody kids Marco” suggests how Marco’s dominance is asserted over the men at the docks. By symbolizing Eddie and Marco as both strong headed alpha males, Miller suggests being a man is being made from the same …show more content…
His constant refusal to partake in belittling events such as fighting Eddie or aggravating someone can be seen through his polite yet direct statements “I don’t want to hit you, Eddie” and “Have respect for her!”. Rodolfo always maintains his respect for those who he thinks deserves it, and even when he is aware that Eddie is trying to aggravate him, he remains respectful to the person who changed his life for the better. It can be argued that this submission makes him more masculine, rather than it being a ‘feminine’ trait.
In A View From The Bridge, Miller presents masculinity in varying degrees through different, somewhat contrasting characters. He explores the idea of masculinity not being a set cast, and how different characters have different aspects of masculinity, be it brute strength, discipline or

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