Elizabeth Proctor The Crucible Essay

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The play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller discusses Puritan life during the Salem Witch Trials. Elizabeth Proctor is thrust into the trials when a young, vindictive, Abigail Williams accuses her of witchcraft. Elizabeth’s character shows the value of a name in Puritan America. As a woman dedicated to her family life, Elizabeth is moved to act because of her love for her husband John. Miller introduces Elizabeth Proctor as a woman with an unfaithful husband. Abigail Williams calls her “sickly,” and a “cold, sniveling woman” (1246-1247) before she has one line of dialogue in the play. The term “cold” is a motif in this work of literature, meaning unfavorable or dreadful. Elizabeth is never truly cold. She is simply sensible. Elizabeth does not lie, and looks to succeed in her life as wife, mother, and Christian woman. The affair between Abby and John deeply affects her. Elizabeth opens Act II making soup for her husband, and when John enters and eats the soup, she worries if it is to his liking. She is constantly looking for ways to improve herself, especially in the eyes of John, because of the affair. Her doubt in her capabilities is clear when she says to John, “I thought you’d gone to Salem” (1268). She thinks that John may have gone back to Abby, and that once again, she is no longer …show more content…
She is dedicated to her life as a wife, mother, and child of God. Because of the emphasis placed on John and Elizabeth’s relationship, one can assume that Miller found familial ties to be a necessity. They each put family first, work to do what is best for one another, and to find the truth. Emphasis placed on Elizabeth’s honesty, and the value of her word reflects Miller’s respect and want for truth. He created Abigail Williams as the antithesis of Elizabeth to show that people who falsely accuse and manipulate others are evil, and deserve no respect. Elizabeth is motivated by her love for John, and her duty to her family

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