Cardiac Arrhythmia Essay

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Cardiac Dysrhythmia Cardiac Dysrhythmia also known as cardiac arrhythmia is a group of of conditions where the heartbeat is irregular and or too fast or too slow. Tachycardia is known as a heart rate that is over 100 beats per minute for adults ,while Bradycardia is too slow with below 60 beats per minute. Majority of arrhythmia issues are not serious, but some predispose one to complications like heart failure or a stroke. Arrhythmia are the leading cause of sudden cardiac death, with 400,000 victims a year. There are four main types of arrhythmia, premature beats, supraventicular arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, and bradycardia. Premature beats is the most common type and harmless.Majority of the time it happens naturally or due to the fact of being over stressed, over training, and or too much caffeine. Premature beats usually do not cause any symptoms therefore the reason it is harmless. Rare occasion of a symptom appearing would make the chest feel like it is fluttering. This type of symptom needs no treatment, especially in one who takes care of his body …show more content…
The AV node is grips of cells located in between the atria and ventricles. They are usually due to one of two things; re-entry or increased ability to automatically beat. Different types of supraventricular arrhythmias include atrial flutter, paroxysmal, supra ventricular tachycardia, and Wolff- Pakinson- White syndrome. Variety of treatments to help reduce your rapid heart rate include medications that will not cure the patient but will help reuse episodes of rapid heart rate. The doctor may also use electric shock medication to reset the heart to its normal and regular rhythm. Lastly, a maze procedure could help by having series of surgical incisions made into the heart that heal and for blocks. These blocks then guide the electrical impulses helping the heart to beat

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