Elaborative Rehearsal And Cardiac Arrhythmias Essay

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Elaborative Rehearsal and Cardiac Arrhythmias
The process of memory is encoding, storing and retrieving information. The information is processed using visual, semantic, or acoustic ques. Maintenance and elaborative rehearsal are storage codes used to store the encoded information. Elaborative rehearsal is “elaborating” on the definition of the word using semantics, acronyms, or acoustic syllables. To adequately retrieve the information, you have encoded and stored you must use proper retrieval cues based on the storage of the information (Rathmus, 2016.pp 148-149). Semantic and acoustic ques are how I retain information best. I correlate a subject as a simplified explanation in a sing-song beat. The words do not always rhyme but the cadence
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You are expected to review a cardiac rhythm and recognize it on the ECG. ECG interpreting requires visual memory but I don’t retain information well visually. I retain best through auditory and semantic codes. I had to semantically create a new set of acronyms for elaborate rehearsal. Aberrant beats are when a person will have a random beat between two complexes that are caused from a premature atrial complex. I remember this as “aberrant, randomly present”. There are three hearts blocks that you must differentiate through their similarities. A first-degree heart block, has a p-wave that measure longer through each complex. I remember this as “long, longer, drop”. The second-degree heart block, has two p-waves per complex with equal measurements, it’s the “twin block”. The third-degree heart block is a fatal rhythm it will have non-correlating and multiple p-waves through each complex and is also a slow rhythm. I call it “slow ,slow don’t correlate”. Ventricular Tachycardia is also a fatal rhythm and in the event a patient sustains V-Tach, they may have to be defibrillated or shocked. V-Tach has a unique shape, its looks like a V and it can be very fast. V-Tach is measured at 160 to 250 hearts beats per min, it’s stored as “to fast, to fast, shock you back”. Ventricular Fibrillation is the most fatal of all rhythms. It is caused from your heart quivering, instead of pumping …show more content…
By visually storing the rhythm and verbally describing through semantic and acoustic ques; I was able to store my ECG knowledge through elaborative rehearsal. Reading ECG’s is a skill that if “you don’t use it, you will lose it”, if the information is not stored properly. My use of elaborative rehearsal has stored the knowledge in my implicit and explicit memory. The knowledge is stored correctly and the task has become second nature. It is like reading a different

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