Case Study: Sine Records

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Sine Records will be an all-encompassing record label for the EDM artist who is looking for a reliable and approachable company to release their music through. Our aim will be to forge long-lasting and personal relationships with our artists and our consumers. From the recording process through to the final release of the product, we will endeavour to provide the best service possible.

Not only will Sine Records release music, but we will also market sample packs and synthesiser presets that come straight from our artists. This allows for a unique interaction between our artists and their fans, who would like to pursue an interest in music production.

As it stands, the majority of the industry’s recorded music is consumed through
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Regarding the recording, our artists will most likely be cheaper to record and produce than a traditional band. This is due to the software-based instrumentation that is used within the genre. Most songs can be produced on a digital audio workstation with a laptop and minimal hardware. However, if the artist requires studio quality audio recordings, a studio will be rented, and this will be considered within the budgeting of the company. In regards to office space and the administration side of the company, we will operate from our flat - again, to keep costs to a minimum. Find a full breakdown of startup costs in appendix …show more content…
To help disperse the costs and found the company - Sine publishing with apply for a one-time grant through Creative Scotland and its partners. There are a number of potential funders for the startup of the company such as the New Arts Sponsorship and the Starter for six programme. As a backup plan, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign online through Kickstarter. This technique has had great success in the past. For an idea of the effectiveness of crowdfunding, please reference appendix (iii) to see successful past campaigns.


As an EDM record label, we will brand ourselves accordingly with the genre. A collectivism is often associated with this genre, and as such, an emphasis on online interaction will be a key to the brand. SFX Entertainment sums it up nicely in a simple statement: “Electronic dance music isn’t just about dance music… it’s bigger than that; it’s about electronic music culture.” -

Blogs, mini-interviews, and interesting links will help our customers see us as a hub for their music. Potentially, Sine Records could hold events that we can create that personal connection with the customers and fans.

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