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  • Everyone Falls In Love Sometimes Analysis

    sounded similar to the old song because the artists in both songs keep the same meaning behind the title “Everyone falls in love sometimes”. So, the following paragraphs consist of describing the differences between these two cover songs. Thus, I will show in meticulous details how they differentiate in music composition and more importantly how the new version, which is American contemporary version, is more sensual and flows in a smooth way compared to the old version that had more of a dancehall (uptempo) type of flow. Tanto Metro and Devonte teamed up back in the 90’s to make their so called Jamaican dancehall “Everyone falls in love sometimes...” The intro of the song begins straight forward with the main chorus and the main melody which stay pretty constant throughout the entire song. Such intro in music, is a way to boost energy and helps provide a smooth transition into the next part of the song. The song contains a fast rhythm into it, which is the typical flow of a dancehall type of song that can make listeners feel the beat and go with the flow. In addition to that, it contains a strong electronic sound other than the bass sound in the background that plays in the beginning and in every time the rapper starts rapping. The song was composed of two main parts, the chorus and verse, in which both artists expressed themselves to their interested lovers in different tone. Devonte as the singer keeps up with the chorus to sing to his woman while Tanto Metro the…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of One Dance By Drake

    purpose was to entertain people, then why is it that the only place you can listen to it is on apple music, or by using a streaming application. If drake really wanted people to enjoy his hit single wouldn’t he have put it on YouTube, where it would have been easily accessible by everyone? Drake is on streaming services like Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify, and “the dancehall-inspired song has been streamed more than 750 million times on Spotify and sat at No. 1 on Billboard 's Top 100 list for…

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  • Dancehall Queen Analysis

    Dancehall Queen, a film that follows the life of a woman named Marcia, tells the story of how she achieves upper mobility from a street vendor to defeating the reigning dancehall queen. Many aspects of this film pertained to the lectures and readings we discussed in class. In my opinion, the movie does a great job of covering all the concepts we covered in class that relate to the British Caribbean lifestyle which consist of; Beauty as a cultural construct for upper mobility, popular culture,…

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  • Positive Effects Of Dancehall Music

    EFFECTS OF DANCEHALL MUSIC ON THE YOUTH Dancehall music is a new style music that can be traced to Jamaica popular music that has its roots in the political disruptions in the Republic of Jamaica in late 1970’s . The music became more famous between 1981 and 1991. ( C.J.Cooper, 37). The music is attributed as a xhenomenon of ‘rude boys’ who settled in Jamaican ghettos due to high unemployment rates. The rate of unemxloyment in Jamaica stood at 35 percent in 1962. The delinquency behavior…

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  • Hip Hop Subculture

    of music have since developed as a cultural and artistic sensation affecting youth around the world (Alridge and Stewart 2005). Similarly dancehall also emerged in the late 1970s in Jamaica not only as a musical style but as the basis for a type of recreational lifestyle. Initially, all presented genres have reflected social, economic, political and cultural realities for many youth in a relatable language. Today it is has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that has crossed the boundaries of its…

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  • A Study Of The Song I 'Ve Got Your Man'

    Brittanny Perch Dr John F Campbell FOUN 1101- Caribbean Civilization 18th September, 2015 A Analytical Study of the song “I’ve Got Your Man” by Marion Hall (Lady Saw) The song “I’ve Got Your Man”, which is on the Strip Tease Album 2004, was authored by Marion Hall or better known by her stage name “Lady Saw” the “Queen of Dancehall Music”. A Jamaican Reggae Songster, Lady Saw born in 1972 in Galina, Saint Mary, Jamaica came from an impoverished household where she was…

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  • Skin Bleaching Research Paper

    This artiste is known for his use of skin lightening products, which he promotes in his music. In Kartel's song "Cake Soap" (2010), he says in Jamaican creole "Cool, like mi wash mi face with di cake soap" (a Jamaican term for a detergent which contains bleach and is used by some people to lighten their skin). In his 2011 song "Look Pon We”, Kartel states ‘Di gyal dem love off mi bleach out face!’ Additionally, he launched a range of men’s cosmetics in October 2011, which included a variety of…

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  • The Importance Of Tom's Life In The Glass Menagerie

    The physical setting was especially hard for Tom and made him feel trapped. Imagine if eternal happiness was waiting right outside? The setting is supposed to show how close he is to being free but his family has trapped him. The only places Tom went, besides the movies, was the warehouse and home which were the two places he hated most in the world. He had to pass paradise every day to get to work and home, which was extremely hard for Tom. In the play, Tom says, “Across the valley was the…

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  • Ricky Martin Influence

    music so that they could be able to enhance and boost their talents. Manuel Tavares was a composer of one of the Puerto Rican born children. His influence and inspire Puerto Rican other generations by his orchestral techniques. Music is one of Puerto Rico’s famous and prominent exports, which is most likely Caribbean music which is heard in the United States now a day’s as well . Traces of Puerto Rico’s native past still are found in some of the local music today. African rhythms are…

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  • Social Stratification In The Caribbean

    demonstrates for better wages, better working conditions, and recognition for the work they do. Marx goes on to state that organizations generate conflict between the classes. In this Marx states the poor will become poorer while the rich become richer. The populace of Jamaica holds the view, that the wealth within the country is concentrated in few hands and controlled by a few. The social discrimination is also seen in the entertainment in which the various groups participate. Dancehall,…

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