Hip Hop And Dancehall Music

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Hip Hop has its origins from a resistance movement during the 1970s. Rap music which is one aspect of hip hop, was mainstreamed in the late 1980s and 1990s. These genres of music have since developed as a cultural and artistic sensation affecting youth around the world (Alridge and Stewart 2005). Similarly dancehall also emerged in the late 1970s in Jamaica not only as a musical style but as the basis for a type of recreational lifestyle. Initially, all presented genres have reflected social, economic, political and cultural realities for many youth in a relatable language. Today it is has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that has crossed the boundaries of its origin and has particularly infiltrated and influenced the young societal cohort. In fact dancehall and hip hop music are two of the most popular genres of contemporary music today (Brian, et al. 2003).
For many years, Rap, Hip Hop and Dancehall music have been viewed as music that promotes violent behavior in adolescents who have subscribed and even idolized these forms of music/artistes. Listeners often connect to music for empowerment and it may also be intermingled with drugs, sex, money and guns as a form of enfranchisement (Iwamoto, Creswell and Caldwell 2007). Young adults between the ages of 16-30 are most in tune to rap/ hip hop
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Marc Jackman stated that “There has been a worrisome increase in the murder rate in Trinidad in the last decade. The majority of victims are those identified as Afro- Trinidadian youth from ghetto areas who subscribe to gangland culture and lifestyle promoted by Hip Hop and more recently Dancehall music” (Jackman, 2010). In today’s society many young adults are emotionally dependant on music as it is readily accessible, where ipod’s, MP3 players and so forth are constantly being upgraded and becoming even more available. Adolescents often embody the lyrical content of music they listen to by acting, dressing and behaving like their favorite Hip Hop

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